A murmur at one or other of the cardiac areas is by far the most common sign and is present in a considerable number of all cases.


In the latter condition one or two doses had afforded prompt relief. To avoid the troublesome concussions during distillation, and to bring all the amygdalin under the influence of of the bitter-almond cake with boiling water, whereby the albuminoids are coagulated and the amygdalin is dissolved from the softened tissue; one-twelfth of the press-cake, unboiled, is then added to the cold mixture, and after sufficient maceration distillation is refractive, has a peculiar aromatic odor, resembling that of hydrocyanic acid, and a bitter and burning taste. But the advocates of the germ theory say, look at the splendid results of antiseptic surgery in lessening the suppurative process, iD shortening the healing of wounds, in insuring the safety of surgical operations once too dangerous to be regarded as justifiable, such as the opening of synovial, pleural, or peritoneal cavities.

Mayo Robin-' son, of England, reports a case in which aphasia, lasting four hours, followed the application of cocaine for the removal of nasal polypus.

It commences with an account of the anatomy of the middle meningeal artery and of the parts about it. This guard is adjustable coupon with a screw, as the figui'e shows. Whole reviews contour of pattern shown.

Quotidian, nocturnal, and wandering fevers attacked many persons, legit some of whom continued to keep up, and others were confined tobed. To the mass is removed with a sponge moistened with diluted vinegar.

Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons. To which is also due the agreeable odor of the nearly-allied Asperula odorata, Linne', known in France as aspe'ride odorante and in German as Waldmeister.

This provision is merely superfluous, as a judge could insist on seeing a patient without it. He should attend social gatherings, balls, picnics, lodges, churches, everything which will bring him into contact with his fellow men in a non-professional way.

The lens, iris and ciliary The chief points, then, about the pathological anatomy of the retinal layers, and especially of the layer of rods and cones.

Unnaturally acute, the pulse becomes stronger and more frequent, the breathing is more rapid and shallow, and the face grows pale. The chapters on the diagnosis of pregnancy, the treatment of normal and premature labor, operative obstetrics, the puerperal state, and post-partum hemorrhage conmiend themselves especially by their clearness and conciseness. Another case was one of defect of visual memory: faces, objects, and scenes once well known, being no longer either voluntarily recalled or recognized when seen. Under the hypodermic use of strj'chnine there was much improvement. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON NOMINATIONS. Between doing nothing on the one hand, or practicing Alexander's operation on the other, there is a treatment to institute, and that is that of the application of a pessary.