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It includes face lifts and operations on the nose, ears, eyelids, and breasts. The bones of the pelvis form a couple of narrow openings through Avhich the child must pass. His experience includes two years as lecturer in pathology at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, director of autopsy service at Kingston General Hospital, and a year as director of Laboratories of Eastern Kentuckv.

There was, of course, a marked condition of hypenemia of all the viscera, and the blood was considerably altered in that it remained fluid, doubtlessly due to the destruction of the fibrin ferment, or of the fibrinogen, or both. He places stress upon four points: The technique of preparing the solution, of using the proper quantity, of selecting the proper "eroids" place, and of proper care of the patient afterwards. To the hand and forearm for thirty minutes, and the blood pressure then taken. The heartbeats, or blood beats, of the child may be heard about the end of the fifth month. On fatty metamorphosis of fibroid tumours, Loin, right, tumour in, giving rise to secondary London Fever Hospital, number of cases of typhus hospitals, accommodation for midwifery cases Louse as carrier of infection in typhus and destructive campaign against, in typhus and relapsing fever in Mesopotamia and Low, H. Sir GORDON Watson: I think the method adopted by Mr. In cases in which heart failure is imminent without signs of dilatation, hypodermic injections of sterilized normal salt solution may tide the patient over his critical condition.

If parenchymatous, there is usually uniform enlargement, though sometimes only unilateral. Discussion on treatment and management Of diseases due tO del,'lie discussiou on blue-dotted cataract, Ophth. After a short "legit" time the patient evinced signs of considerable systemic prostration; but the hernia was easily reduced. There are two appendices containing obituary notices and her lectures and addresses, the first of which is the October Address to official recognition of the group of symptoms associated with captivity under the now familiar term" barbed-wire disease." It contains a paragraph to the effect that prisoners of war, who have been at least eighteen months in captivity and who are suffering from barbed-wire disease, shall for the future be recognized as suitable for internment in Switzerland. Results were uniformly satisfactory in the sense that the patients were promptly and completely relieved of their disability. Since long before the turn of this century, every biochemist and clinician knew of the relationship of temperature to enzyme activity. Most bacteria take up the free oxygen from the atmosphere; a few, however, seem to prefer to take it from the substances in which they are growing. At this time, necessary information must be given to the child. Peach juice amount of urine should be measured many times in important cases. The author, however, will recite two, at the same time warning the reader that neither of those which follow can be sincerely Strong mercurial ointment Three ounces. Under the caption of periodic vomiting, Leyden has described a peculiar train of symptoms in which pat'ents present attacks much like those of gastric crises, but other signs of tabes are never present.' In the autopsies of patients who h:ive succumbed to tabes, and who have been affected with gastric a case in which hematemesis was present Mathieu Two theories have been propounded to explain the nature of the gastric crises.

The pulse at first suffers irritative acceleration, but very strong or water-hammer pulse may suggest imderlying valvular disease. However, some technical procedures have been omitted.


Schneider has been a member of the staff at the V'eterans Administration Hospital, a residency at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Carolina, has been assigned to the U.S. In a short space a tumor displays itself; it is small, hot, tender, and soft, in the first instance, though it soon enlarges, and grows very hard. The illustrations are especially commendable, being beautifully clear and well selected: