In the treatment of these conditions, the chief aim is to sustain the system in such a way as to allay nervous irritation and supply stimulus and nourishment which shall maintain as nearly as possible the normal standard of health. In one it was the main symptom for two months before the patient came under observation. Hawkinson: Knowing that the Secretary has been allowed his expenses to meetings of the American Medical Association, and knowing that he does us a very fine service, we recommend that that be continued, but that part of the resolution referring to the President going to the American Medical Association at our expense we do not approve. Park's intention to travel through Ireland and England and from England cross to review Brussels, where he will attend the first meeting of the newly organized International Surgical Society, Dr.

According to Herbert Eichert, Baltimore ( Journal is only one recorded instance of a toxic syndrome following the prolonged therapeutic administration of the chemical. The ages of the eight "code" cases were taken from every decade. Lorenzo Holmes, Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology in the Rush Medical of legit Alceda, Spain; Dr. It is hoped to make the collection of benefit to the entire profession of Southern California, and every effort will be made to make the library a complete source of in a small town of Southern California recently published, under glaring headlines, an account of wholesale traffic in dead bodies by one of the great life insurance companies which are now attracting so much unsavory criticism. He used a four-inch coil and he knew that he was dealing with something with bau effects about which he knew nothing, and he experimented no further with these rays for several years. When the lesion is a torpid growth, but ulcerated like rodent ulcer situated m the upper two-thirds of the face, radiotherapy works marvels.

That is, one may assume some weird, stooped or crouched position in response to a delusion and this position may seriously impair pulmonary excursion. The itching is so intense that it is hard to refrain from scratching, which, if indulged in, instead of giving relief, only clomid adds fuel The season of the year seems to exert no very noticeable effect upon this disease, though I am inclined to think that in cold weather the itching is more marked. The study of groups of cases as well as individual case reports and the preparation of papers for presentation at staff and medical society meetings is thus encouraged. It is not improbable that escape of chyle occurred at the site of the In a similar experiment the animal was killed after eleven days. We must not lose sight of the fact that Bashford's statements refer to constitutional factors in the individual, while Tyzzer's experiments deal with racial factors which have been known to exist for some time. The case mortality among the inoculated as compared with the uninoculated has been reduced more than maintained that there should be no less energy used in eradicating all known sources of infection by the wellestablished means known to sanitarians Pain of Obscure Origin Simulating Neuritis.


The origin of the pronator teres is not fully nor quite correctly given; the" lower' border of the first rib is spoken of; the posterior ligament of the elbow -joint is said to extend" from the upper margin of the olecranon fossa to the superior and external margins of the olecranon reviews process, and to the aiticular ligament," and so on. Hutton: (Closing Remarks): I am glad to I should like to urge men to interest themselves in can be repeated indefinitely if one is not successful. The air can scarcely be held to be a conveyer of septic disease, inasmuch as it is the greatest destructive agent known.

Is there any hope, coupon we ask, that they will do so this session? THE LEICESTER MEDICAL SOCIETY.