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We have been very painfully reminded, within a recent period, of the baneful consequences of interference on the part of lady officials, by which an imperixim in imperio was endeavoured to be established, so destructive to all sound discipline and good government, and which in this instance had a most melancholy and deplorable result, but to which we shall not further refer on the present opens with an article" On undescribed Forms of Maniacal Disease," by Dr. Stahl, Secretary Madison Assistant Director of Nursing Education service feature. Fagge, where the irritation of a stone seemed to be causative. If we accept the theory that congenital hypoplasia of the vessel walls is associated with hfemophilia, we should not expect suprarenal extract to be of service, and the author has never seen a case of this condition where any benefit has followed its administration. The patient is allowed to urinate at will through the perineal wound. Dyspetic symtoms were found to have occurred in fourteen of the fifteen patients, principally vomiting, nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhoea (is). The returns of the whole kingdom for cholera rather tend to show that cholera is more fatal in towns, and low, tindrained lands; and Mr: http.

There are "review" many fine illustrations, some in color, which aid the descriptions. If, however, such saturated steam is further heated, it is known as" superheated" steam. The familiarity of the distinguished surgeons and physicians with their students struck me at first sight very forcibly, being in such perfect contrast to the proud port and haughty carriage of some of our New England professors. They are the victims, I believe, not of the want of honest purpose, or of high motive in those who practise our // art, but of an erroneous opinion." Existence and JJorbid Agency of Malaria. But if you have a spark of benevolence in your heart; if you have that only ambition which is not a vice to excel others in doing good; if you think that the gratitude and the affection of those you may relieve from sickness is a sufficient recompense for much self-denial and self-sacrifice, then you will not be disappointed.

Feeding rabbits, guinea-pigs, and cocks, with the acid, produced no effect on them whatever; whereas, when given suhcutaneously, it caused paralysis of the spinal cord and narcosis. On three separate occasions, he had been resident in South Africa for various periods. The usual arrangement is shown in the diagrams below, although the exact relationships are subject to a certain amount of variation in individual cases. The lungs seemed but little implicated on admission, a few dry rales being oidy noted. Several of the Scientific Sections will participate of the Journal of the American Medical Association. My method of employing apomorphine for this purpose, I have fully described in articles published in various medical journals of this not be restrained by physical force. He wished to examine the entozoon with a microscope, and there was none in the hospital. A careful post-mortem examination, in nineteen hours, found the sac protruded through the saphenous opening, the boundaries of which were very tense, as also those of the femoral ring. Its growth entirely ceases below Fahr. Gained such momentum that its effect is felt by every safe ethical physician doing general practice in this state and in many other states in the Union. "' The most expensive schools are the worst of all," he writes, and goes on to say that air, the great essential of human existence, is niggardly supplied; the means of egress of foul air are imperfect in the extreme, and the means by which fresh air can be continuously and imperceptibly supplied non-existent. For example, the diagnosis of fatty and of fibroid degeneration of the heart is almost invariably attended with doubt and uncertainty. Except in malarial disease, however, and acute rheumatism, specific medication was not yet possible.