At one time there is no appetite, swells and is the seat of severe pains, there is a sense of pricking and tearing which is not fixed but wanders over the whole adominal cavity; these sufferings are aggravated when the linkedin stomach is empty, and immediately cease on taking food. The diagnosis in this case was confirmed by Dr.

His opponents, whilst granting that his discovery may allay panic and produce confidence in his disciples, allege that erysipelas, septicaemia, and worse may be expected, and are found, Meanwhile, the disease is playing havoc in the beautiful city and province of Valencia, and there is but too sad an opportunity of putting to test for good and all, the value, if any, of the loudly trumpeted discovery of a means of averting cholera; and we may, before long, expect to have more valuable information, as Dr. This may be used at short intervals, or continuously, almost, in severe cases, by two methods, steaming and atomization, steaming being the most efficacious: Cattle on the ranches frequently come upon patches of this grass, where they feed for perhaps half an hour, and then fall asleep for an hour or more, when they wake up and start feeding again.

For passive pronation and resistive supination the manner of holding the arm is the same: the operator's right hand seizes the left wrist and lower ends of I he radius and ulna of the patient that the metacarpo phalangeal joint of his thumb is upon resistance care being taken not to squeeze so tight! to prevent these ii -s from rotating upon each other;. It is not my intention to convert these remarks into a full criticism on internal uretlirotomy: but, as I have been in the habit my care, both iu hospital and in private practice, I cannot refrain from noticing what appear to me to be the chief defects in this operation, and which, iu my judgment, neutralise the advantages claimed In the first place, internal urethrotomy is extremely liable to be followed by a form of fever which is exceptional, unexplainable, and occasionally fatal. A pure control-theory seems to me to bristle with difficulties in the direction I have indicated; but take the one case of digitalis, which will appeal as much as any to our practical interests in the question. One bears the mark where it was struck iiy the silver catheter; another was stopjied in the urethra by coming sideways, and had with much dilliculty to lie flushed straight; another he calls" the porcupine," as he drank some medicine to try to dis.solve it, with, he alleges, the unpleasant result that the soft parts disappeared, and left several rough edges, which made him feel as if he had the fretful animal in his bladder. Something has been said upon this subject under General siderable time. But, in the analogous instance of typho-malarial fever, especially when the scorbutic diathesis was also present, I have seen, after death, more than once, suppuration as well as hepatization, confined altogether to the posterior portions of both lungs. One or two of the speakers, in the course of the evening, made remarks adverse to the scheme, now before the profession, for the union of the Koyal Colleges, of Physicians and Surgeons for the purpose of obtaining the power to grant degrees; and it was proposed as a subject that might well ho taken into consideration by the members of the club. In the autumn ol c the disease progressed rapidly to a ny tube became choked with a port uti rane, and the father of the child was died to remove the obstruction by oral suction. Occasionally general peritonitis will occur with no visible perforation, the amoebae having penetrated the muscular coat and serosa and set up an inflammatory exudate which consists of an opaque gelatinous fibrinous fluid in which the amoeba? may be found.

Half a pound of cheese is vastly more nourishing, as regards its mere composition, than half a pound of beef, but while the beef will be easily digested, and thus be of vast service to us, the cheese is put out of court altogether for ordinary folks by reason of its indigestibility. As an experiment, an effort to extract under cocaine would seem justifiable. Sutton write:"As to the liypertrojiliy of artcriolca wo may say that, though the muscle in some of the larn;or aitoriolcs especially seemol to be increased, yet we arc still soiiiible of the dilficulty of giving a true interpretation to such an appoarance." They lay stress upm the possibility that irregular and uuu.Hual coiil'raction of the vessels, and a want of constancy in the may simulate disease; and those of us who are familiar with the pitfalls wliich abound, even for the wary, in latter-day microscopy, may veil be leady to admit that these are no mere captious reservations of As regards the existence or not of spasm, Dr.

E., the glenoid cavity was sound, but the end of the acromion and clavicle required excision. "The brush should be soaked for four hours cent, solution of formaldehyde). They found a marked reduction from the normal in the quantities of both iron and hemoglobin, neither condition being influenced by therapeutic measures. When such is the case there is always present a hyperplasia of the lymph-glands, spleen, and bonemarrow. In another variety of the disease, the cysts remain sterile, no scolices being formed.