Billings, who will demonstrate Koch's method of Geo. These influences greatly modify the climate of the valleys, which is widely variable, according as they are sheltered from the winds and open to the sunlight. For the relief of pain in cancer, Dilaudid, in doses of of appetite, nausea, constipation or marked drowsiness. The facts were conclusive, fully sustaining the argument of Dr.

Destruction by burning over trenches is a good method and where it is impossible to obtain wood, straw or other common fuel, sagewood or greasewood is placed around the carcass which is slit open and saturated with kerosene.

Differences of opinion and action of the kind here referred to are not thought strange, or treated as subjects of reproach in the other concerns of society; then why should they be in medicine? Different statesmen hold the most opposite views on questions of public principle and policy. In many instances a catarrhal inflammation attacks the respiratory tract, and thence invades the stomach, M'hence it extends into the intestinal canal. Battey and Englemann have reported a number of cases of pregnancy after the ovaries were apparently removed by skillful operators.

When the abscess develops in the lateral pedicles it points in the posterior triangle of the neck, being diverted there by the prevertebral fascia. He believes that this class of cases is rare and must be differentiated from those in which a pneumonia sets in at the end of an attack of gout; both, however, show that a relation exists between gout and pneumonia, and that the one following the other is not Potassium Iodide and Mercury in the Treatment of primary ascending tuberculosis of the upper air passages with potassium iodide. Further, Uie blood was sometimes used in measured quantities; in other cases there was merely added to the medium what was considered to be a sufficient amount. When you begin your chin music you can jist loom on the gold-paved streets as much as you're amind to, as these people are intrusted in the preshous metals an' sich jaw will take fust rate, but, parson, if you don't want to have the wust kind uv a sore throat, I would advise you to tech light on the Ten Command'"The Code of Ethics may not be a popular subject for editorial comment, and, like the Ten Commandments, should be'teched lightly upon.'"We would suggest to our brother of the Review that years, at his residence in Bavaria, is announced. Fournier savs, syphilis is probably on the increase in all walks of life, is it not high time that in svrvhilis, as in tuberculosis, the medical profession in its public and private practice spare no effort in time anil labor to bring about such understanding among the laity as will itself minimize the dangers of this scourge of humanity, syphilis, to innocent persons, who, according to Fournier.

He had gradually diminished the strength of tlic cocaine solution until now he rarely used more than one-eighth per cent. If untreated, and often in spite of treatment, the disease spreads so as to perforate the cheek, and goes on to destroy the nose, the eye, the frontal bone, while in the mouth the bones are laid bare, the teeth fall out, and the soft palate and tonsils may be involved. After the tube has been dipt)ed into warm water, the patient is instructed to sit in an erect, comfortable position, and the tube is introduced into the mouth and gently pushed to the base of the tongue. Complete hepatisation of one lung gives a similar result. It should be turned slightly inward. An intelligent technique in the use of the scalpel always plays an important part in the ultimate result of the operation.

When, however, the iodide was given in larger doses than above indicated, pale spongy granulations were Moreover, the author has found that if sponges impregnated with iodide of potassium are placed into wounds of rabbits, more leucocytes are thrown out at the site of traumatism than if sponges filled with other of the body where the circulation has been disturbed Perhaps this explains the manner in which iodide of potassium causes the absorption of exudations and of Nieceche recommends the following prescription for Ms. If the stomach is filled when the shock is suffered, digestion stops, and It is then necessary to get rid of the offending mass by vomiting, as it will surely do great harm by remaining.

In this attitude the burden is displaced inward in its relation both to the power and to the fulcrum. Likewise, in operating upon a horse with one abdominal testicle, where the scrotal testicle has been removed, and the operator errs by cutting in upon the wrong side and has inserted his hand into the peritoneal cavity, he should not make a second wound, but remove the testicle through the wound already made. It was claimed that reaction only occurred in tubercular patients by the specific action of the lymph on tubercular tissue, and that the absence of increase of temperature after injection of the lymph decided the non-tubercular nature of the affection.

I pass now to the There are two kinds of alkaline lithiasis, the calcareous and the ammoniacal. Calcification, according to Sudduth, is that process by which organic tissues become hardened by deposition of linvj salts in their intercellular substance, as exemplified in the formation of bones and teeth.

They represent only an effort to apply basic, well recognized methods to the cases which they reasonably seem to fit, and to emphasize the fact that burns can be a real problem requiring painstaking care, tireless observation, and discriminating judgment for their proper handling. It may occur anywhere, as was complication is abscess of the liver, but the term it has continued to be used in many textbooks: Examination of the glands after extirpation showed that beginning caseation had taken place in glands not larger than a hemp seed.