Severe sepsis following any operation upon the rectum may be a cause of incontinence, and should not, of course, occur. After a suflSeient number of plaster bandages have been applied, the outside may be strengthened by applying some of the plaster made into a paste. Less commonly as a primary affection. The fact that material escaping from these ovarian haematomata may give rise to adenoma of endometrial type in the tissues thus soiled is further proof that the haematomata contain endometrial tissue.

The specific gravity fixation test by estimating the ratio between the quantity multiplying the specific gravity in each case by the volume of the day or night urine as the case may be. Used to take bicarbonate of soda and magnesia usta regularly, but had only temporary relief. If there is any doubt in respect to absolute purity, it is best to boil the water and give it after it has become cool. They could be prepared to combat fear successfully or to hold in check sex emotions. In all cases of examination for refraction it is absolutely essential that a careful objective examination be made, including muscle balance and the fundus oculi, which latter requires skill in the use of the Ophthalmoscope; the intelligent employment of the Ophthalmoscope not only discloses the nature but approximately the degree of the refractive error. So we give it immediately after the child is born, without waiting for the placenta to be expelled. In this, we think, they have been well advised: In diseases of the stomach with subacidity we prescribe hydrochloric acid, and in many cases, the stomach regains its jinwer to secrete a normal gastric juice. The vases are made of galvanized sheet iron, to the necks of which are soldered leaden tubes, by which they communicate with a reservoir filled with milk, previously heated and cooled in the mode just prescribed. In regard to general paresis, syphilis is only one of a number of factors which must be taken into account in the incidence of the mental condition. The accommodation diminishes with age, and this diminution is manifested by ton of the pupil and a movement of cenvergence of the eyes. Lastly, the principle that a servant is worthy his hire, is as applicable to hospital work of a responsible character as to any other employment. The Piils are put up in a convenient form in bottles of blue glass, containing one himdred, and tive hundred, so as to meet Aloes et lUastich: (See Pil: Stomachicfe) i Ferrum per Hydrogen (Quevenne's Quiuise et Ext: Belladon:. Hew would you shoe a horse to overcome forging? Shorten the toe of the fore foot and roU the toe of the shoe to facilitate quick"breaking over." The ends of the branches of the shoe should be no longer than necessary to protect the heels and should be bevelled from the hoof surface of the shoe downward and forward under the foot. Predispositions are put "" down under several heads. Forget it." The object of this paper is to urge earlier recognition and diagnosis, with prompt treatment when treatment is indicated. Retween the muscle fibers is pale-staining, edematous connective tissue. Curiously there has been no pain at any time. Some interesting and important remarks are made by Dr.

Ergot and rue are well known emmenagogues.

The disadvantages which sometimes accompanied perineal lithotomy, namely, suppuration of the prostate and of the ejaculatory ducts with the impotence arising therefrom, but above all things the impossibility of removing by the perineal wound either very large or encysted stones, suggested the idea of going in search of the stone from above by an incision on a child aged two years after having made a vain attempt to remove the stone, which was the size of a hen's egg, by the old method. The moulded pencil of snow should be cut to the exact size and shape of the naevus, and be pressed firmly down on the latter for a period of thirty to forty seconds. There was present severe pain on left side of larynx, radiating to the ear. Then the tumor grows larger gradually, and the aperture closes in, preventing the ascent of the intestine; there are dullness and indisposition to move; loathing of food; colic; constipation; rumbling of wind; in extreme cases, gangrene; cold sweats; shivering, and death.