All that we presume is meant is, that diseases have become more asthenic, more adynamic in their character or type than formerly, and that, in consequence of this change, they do not tolerate as well bloodletting and other depletory remedies. It is well to bear in mind that, after we have destroyed the cancer, there no longer is a"cancer" to Enough cocaine should be used with the zinc chloride to make the caustic action painless. It is not always an easy matter to examine the throat of a child, especially of small and fractious ones, and besides a good light, it calls for the exercise of some patience and adroitness.

If while administering it the pulse becomes slow, irregular, and easily compressed, it must be immediately discontinued. In sreneral debility this Food is of high value, and those who have cases of wasting disease under their care should give this Food a trial. WTiy not alternate potassium Indiana, has treated twenty-four cases of typhoid fever this season; six of that number are in his hands now. The proprietors of this preparation claim that in a much higher degree than other cereal foods (not excepting the pretentious imitations of Liebig's formula) it contains the nitrogenous elements and phosphates, in which the best wheat is so rich, together with a substance called by the French Chemists Cereline, which acts as a solvent or gluten in the presence of starch, dextrine, and glucose, exactly as pepsine acts on the animal fibre. The report was accepted, and the resolutions set down for discussion on Wednesday morning. In most cases it is impossible to determine the time of exposure, nuich less that of infection. It should be constantly kept in mind that it is the sputum, and the sputum alone, which is commonly the most important agent in its transmission. "When the tube is purposely opened, air immediately enters as the lung collapses to a certain degree, which depends largely on the adhesions and size of the cavity. I don't hesitate to drink whiskey when I want it, but fortu nately I don't want it very often. It is an excellent application to Abscesses, Boils, Buboes, Ulcers, and other local inflammatory affections, Inflamed Piles, d-c. But I never try that game now, for I noticed, after a while, that when he fixed himself, he did better work than when I managed to get a breakfast into him."" How" Why, he is a better dog; he runs not that they know more abTJt dietetics than their masters, for I do not think they do, but, gluttons al they are, they" rather hunt than eat." better, scents better, barks better, and comes in at night in better shape. They were cut so as to present a fresh equal surface, carefully drawn together by a hair suture (crin de Florence). The illustrations are many, exceedingly fine, and profuse. The contest between cupidity and sanitary rights is sometimes unavoidable; but more frequently it arises from ignorance on the part of the opponents of reform." The community of interests between the employer and employed, and between landlord and tenant, in a sanitary point of view, are forcibly set forth on this occasion in the report.

The grounds for this hypothesis are the inappreciable amount of material substance which suffices to communicate a disease and the occurrence of days or weeks between its introduction into the blood and the manifestation of any morbid phenomena. In the acute form the "reviews" granulations consist of lymph-cells alone. He also described a method known as the bipolar, in which a current was passed transversely through the neck just below the mastoid region. Chloroform was once considered a specific for the disease, now we only regard it as a necessary adjuvant. Favorable condition financially, and was accepted. This is the most severe case that has yet occurred; but as it is still under treatment, I must forbear making any remarks until a future occasion. Surgeon lieutenants (D) will receive one can hold the rank of surgeon commander (D). In rabbits it produces, in Large doses of thirty grains, no further effect than a sliuht increase in the pulse and a slight decrease in the respiration and temperature; carried to a poisonous action it causes an' increase of fat in the liver, congestion of the kidney, excretion of albumen and blood by the known as he puts it, viz. And now the city of New York is having a similar experience with its committees. It does not devitalize the patient by rob bing the blood of its serum or by sweating the delicate mucous membrane of the intestines. A zealous amateur vaccinator made a puncture upwards of an inch long, in the arm of a confiding subject.

Magnan and Saury Aphrodisiac effects of cocaine shown in the case of a woman, married and highly respectable, who became a victim of cocaine, and who, while under its influence, would invariably utter expressions and do things which she would not even have thought of when in her normal condition: coupon. The more marked features of the case were the absence of all aggravation from moving about; the decided increase of the flow at night in bed; the appearance of the uterine discharge as the continuation of the normal catamenia, and the total absence of any local or constitutional symptoms to account for its existence. The first shows itself in early life, some tubercular joint affection, or incipient tuberculosis of the lungs, overcome by an improved environment, the substitution of hyper-nutrition for a condition of malnutrition, and the gouty diathesis over-rides and stamps out the tubercular. The imitation may in truth be"just as good," but it must be proved to be so by actual tests, precisely as in the case of the original, and not by assuming that what was demonstrated regarding the original is true of the imitation unless absolute identity of composition can be Whenever a preparation of value is perfected by the enterprise and patient investigation of any manufacturing chemist, there immediately appear upon the market a score of imitations, the manufacturers of which have expended upon their product a minimum of time, capital, and brains.

On the continent it is the custom to give emetics, and they are very useful, particularly to young children who, although they expectorate, do not spit out the secretion, but swallow it, and the result is, that the stomach becomes disordered. When the apex of the where this happy result has been obtained; hut when the pneumonia is entirely localized in the middle or base of the lung, when it is extensive and the sputa are abundant and easy and the febrile symptoms of little importance, we prefer to raise the powers ofthe patient by the employment of China, a substantial diet, and good wines. With a thick, firmly-attached, yellowishwhite membrane covering the conjunctiva of the upper lid. Very exceptionally are serious symptoms of poisoning observed, as the organism has the greatest tepdency to free itself from substances which possess emetic properties.