Congress recognized the importance of making it possible to take direct to which provides for cooperative extension work. Given a distinct and well-ascertained physiological or therapeutical effect, couIJ results in any measure analogous be obtained from the chemical allies of the substance producing it? The arsenic group comprised phosphorus, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth, the chemical analogies of which were among the most striking known. It is very important to make an early diagnosis of pellagra, because the sooner the physician is sure of his diagnosis the sooner will he begin treatment and the more chances will the patient have of recovery. Browne observed that it was so difficult to find that he defied any operator to have discovered it of all operators, which created some merriment.) It surprised us that some of these able men and skilful surgeons did not even allude to such a wonderful aid to diagnosing intestinal perforations correspondent, with fifteen minutes to generate a few gallons of hydrogen, and five minutes to find the perforation after the abdomen was open, could locate this insurmountable difficulty for Mr. The tenement was of recent construction, and thoroughly modern in every way. I think, however, I I well remember a case which came under my care, when I was in general practice; it was that of a highly strung lady who called upon me almost every morning, and declared she was sure she was going out of her mind. The sensation of heat and of cold in various morbid states of the.system apparently depends, not upon the actual temperature of the body, but upon the condition of those parts of the nervous system through which impressions reach the sensorium.

The grouping of cases around certain wells was a feature in the epidemic. In Man and Anthropoids, considered as to its Prevalence among them The work of the Section has been arranged as follows: will follow, in which it is hoped the following will take part: Reactions of Media upon the Pathogenic Properties of Bacteria. After great deliberation he gave in, and the result was that I extracted, with a slight twist of the dressing forceps, an irregular piece of rock, which had become rooted in the inch long, and three-eighths of an inch broad in its widest I dressed the wound with antiseptic dressings for five weeks, when it healed no well. The writer, when he does employ it, always does so with a mental protest, in much the same frame of mind that he employs the modified radical mastoid operation. The average duration of the illness before operation in these fourteen cases was forty-two days, being twenty days longer than the duration of the illness in those cases which healed without delay, and five days longer than in those cases where a second operation was required. If this is the truth, it is worth while to consider what is the best treatment of the disorder. King Chambers' plan of treatment for fever in England, lie determined to Dr.

It is merely a symptom, the external manifestation of a pathological state of some or other part of the cerebrum.

After remarking on the peculiar characters of the affection. It reminded me of the descriptions of a Roman amphitheatre, when Rome was in her glory. Seventy-two days later the sinus and the ends of the surrounding ribs, with portions of the fifth and sixth ribs, were removed. Catarrhal jaundice belongs to the same group. Is A TtllBWIFE A LyING-IU NuBSB? mean a lying-in nurse who undertakes to attend cases of Dr. The gall-bladder becomes tender or painful, and the accumulations of desquamated epithelium form centres for the accretion of calcareous deposits.

Bru recorded a ease of generalized melanosis in a heifer that showed no emaciation or general physiological disturbance. In these conditions it is not to be wondered at that the lowering of that pressure on whicVi depends the retention of the ball in its proper position should be a distinct danger. The facts are, that the Medical Faculty, after various discussions regarding Mr. Vice-Preiidents: The President maHe Rome introductory remarks, in which he will refer to the Effects produced by Modern Rifle Bullets The following subjects have been selected for discussion: Third of the Femur, including the Neck.

Murray and the author for periods of three had much increased, being nearly double those of previous years.

In the last number of the Annals of Surgery almost sixty pages are devoted to this subject of appendicitis, consisting of five papers by as many authorities in this Edinburgh, left a bequest of one hundred pounds sterling for the best essay,"On the Curative Effects of Carbonic Acid Gas or other forms of Carbon in Cholera, the different Forms of Fever, and other Diseases." The prize is open to competitors of all nations. If it were not tied, the collateral circulation would interfere with tlie formation of the internal clot; and he believed that many cases of secondary haemorrhage were due to this.