But since this is an election year, and since many people are going to be grabbing for every politically appealing phrase they can get, I am sure that there will be politicians beating the drums In their national health insurance proposals, both Senator Kennedy and President Carter argue that we face two overriding health care problems in this country; inadequate insurance coverage for some Americans, and rising total health care ignore the fact that these problems, serious as they are, are caused, in large measure, by the current level of federal intervention in the medical industry. Nor is this to be wondered at; embracing in its scope some of the most important questions, involving the interests and welfare of individuals as well as communities, it has not failed to occupy the attention of some of the brightest intellects of the day, and has, necessarily, received from their inquiry and research a new and vigorous impulse. After subperiosteal resection of a portion of a bone, the growth of bone in repairing the defect was from the bone stumps, the jieriosteum acting as a limiting membrane. At this moment a copious flow of perspiration burst out around the head and neck, which relieved the oppressed vessels of the head, but notwithstanding this relief, a great tendency to faintness continued, that induced us abruptly to finish our The heat of the body as indicated by the thermometer, was raised three or four degrees. - temporary' improvement followed and then the bulging began to increase. I should have thought this a large quantity, had I not since read that Dr. This evil was, however, of "" a somewhat personal character, and served chiefly to handicap the individual practitioner. I could not satisfy myself that the canal of the vessel was not obliterated at the wounded point, from the depth with which it was covered by the integuments; but I am of the extensor muscle of the thumb, entering at the point where the radial artery passes under that tendon, wounding that vessel and passing out at the opposite side of the wrist. After six months of starvation, he broke his arm, and the bone would not unite. It should teach him that practitioners of general medicine have a greater field and wider outlook and are. They do all sorts of things that they did not do before. For this purpose the patient is to be put into a regimen; and if the looseness have been accompanied with great loathing, with risings at the stoma' h, with a foul furred tongue, and a bad taste in the mouth, he must take the Take of ipecacuanha, thirty grains; But if these symptoms do not appear, give the following Take of rhubarb, twelve grains; And during the following hours, let him take every half hour, a cup of weak light broth, without any fat If the purging, after being restrained by this medicine, should return within a few days, it would strongly infer, there was still some tough viscid matter within that required evacuation. Besides, the consequences of such deliveries are healthy and happy; when by pursuing the heating, oppressive practice, even though the delivery be effected, both the mother and infant It is true that these means are insufficient, when the child is unhappily situated in the womb; or when there is an embarrasiug conformation in the mother: though at least they prevent the case from proving wor-e, and leave time for calling in menmidwives, or other female ones who that they should lie eery cautious of urging their women to make any forcea erlorts to forward the birth, which are extremely injurious to them, and which may render a delivery V' ry dangerOia and einbarrasing, that might otherwise have been happily The weakness, in which the labouring woman appears, makes the bystanders fearful that she will not have strength enough to be delivered; which they think abundantly justifies them in giving her cordials; but this way of reasoning is very weak and chimerical not so very speedily dissipated; the small light pains sink them, but in proportion as the pains become stronger, their strength arises, being never deficient, when there is no extraordinary and uncommon symptom; and we may reasonably be assured, that in a healthy, well formed woman, mere weakness never prevents a delivery.

Various new preparations of silver are becoming quite popular in the treatment of urethritis. - in the stammerer they had to do exclusively with the exercise of the organs of siJt'ech, hence they were kinesthetic; or more jiroperly kinetic; they belonged to the morbid fears which were evoked bv the ideas of certain movements.

Those which occur in decreasing frequency are: through wounds in the urinary tract; by direct extension from other organs; by surface extension from the exterior along the mucosal surface of the urethra, and through congenital or neoplastic abnormal The initial step in evaluation of the infection is the examination of a properly obtained specimen. Eighty-five percent of the study cohort returned personal history forms. Do not have the opportunity the Germans have to study this condition, and even they are not by any means decided as to myopia than most of you, because my clientelle is composed largely of Russian Jews, and I am therefore particularly intere.stcd in its treatment. The publication, by the National Board of Health, of mortality statistics from the chief cities of the world, is an important step in this direction. I During the course of the disease the position of the patient should be changed lessen the danger of hypostasis in the lungs and decrease the liability to localized edema and be given every two hours, but for stronger children or adults a longer interval is desirable, care being taken that the impaired digestive tract be not further injured bj' an excess of Diluents may be freely given; plain or carbonated waters, barley water or lemonade, acocrding to the taste and desire During convalescence most careful nursing is required in order that relapses may not occur. The food which the disturbing forces have converted into conditions most favorable for their action is stubbornly persisted in, and as obstinately returned also.

If there is an underlying inflammatory cause in very many cases of phthisis, and I still believe there is, we shall modify this inflammatory exudation considerably ( The tides of personal response perhaps reflect in the smiles of the postoperative photographs, but their depths are poorly understood. There was found a serious heart lesion due probably to lues.

For a fortnight all the usual means were tried without the diarrhoea being effectually restrained, when the oxide of silver was resorted to, and complete success attended its administration same time menstruation was completely checked for twenty-fours, occasioning of periodic diarrhoea, but the complaint soon recurred; and as it was found to depend on an atonic state of the digestive apparatus, the food_ being passed in an unassimilated state, iodide of iron was substituted with complete success. In these rules, and on frequent occasions, we endeavour to impress the attendants with a just view of the importance and responsibility of their stations; to give them some idea of the principles which should govern them in their intercourse with the patients, and the reasons for our different regulations.


Its use is so much more to be recommended, since in the event no worms are present, no injurious effect results from the plant, but a laxative and disinfectant action as the only result.