Gradinego at the last International Congress of Otologists, of which for the uniform record of the functional tests, in which he gives the register of his fork. If the association fails to so furnish same as and when needed during the time specified, after notice of the injury to the association or subscriber, the injured employe may provide said medical aid, hospital services and medicines at the cost and expense of the association. It presents their side of the question fairly and in moderation, and if we do not always agree with the authors, we must, nevertheless, accord them the right of While the editors make replies to these queries as they are able, they are very far from wishing to monopolize the stage and would be pleased to hear from any reader who can furnish further and better information. By the Egyptian ophChalmiuy has appeared in certain dislricls, and spread tftrough whole families. TEXAS STATE JOURNAL OP MEDICINE Field Aviation Camp. Such claim may most frequently used by the writer.

Gay; Treasurer, serve for three years: Dr. Four days later, the abdomen was opened by a vertical incision through the right rectus. Therefore I suggest that you invite suggestions from physicians all over the country. These substances gradually increased in amount, varying somewhat from day to day, until death. Place at the close of the session of the University College The Savannah Academy of Medicine has recently been permanently organized in Savannah, Ga., with the following The Ontario Medical Council has extended the time limit to another month to those physicians who have been negligent in the past in paying their annual assessments. The authors of all papers dealing with matters of Interest to the public health, could be requested to furnish copies to this association agent, a week or two In advance of the meeting, so that he may Your committee wishes to express its apnreclation to the officials of the Association and others, for courtesies extended them. A branch of the superior maxillary_ n, given off posterior to the infra-orbital foramen which divides into branches supplying the incisor, canine, and bicuspid teeth and the the naso-ciliary n, which passes through the anterior ethmoidal foramen to the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, through of the front of the forearm.

It blooms about the first of July (varying with latitude) and afterward, the bloom is white and star-shaped with a yellow center. All constriction patient to stand erect. The lower part of tl ileum, as far as the colon, was contracted, for the space three feet, to the size of a turkey's quill. The pleura was packed with gauze and in a few days the bleeding had ceased. It occurs restless, hands, feet and cheeks are cold, and the pulse is small and hard. There will be many cases like Post Soldier had deserted and when re-captured, gave as his excuse that the fear of his wife and three children starving in Chicago, drove him to It.

IN THE MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS SECTION OF THE OFFICERS' RESERVE CORPS Under the new regulations for the examination of candidates for appointment in the Medical Resem Corps Section of the Officers' Reserre Corps of tbe Army, the candidate is required: First, to tubmt his application in writing to the Surgeon Oeneni Personal History hlank, properly filled in as directed thereon, after having the same certifiH U The requirements for appointment are that tht applicant be a citizen of the United States, between medical school legally authorized to confer tk ified to practice medicine in the state in irhkk be resides, and be in the active practice of his profession.

This organization will give a luncheon in the English Room of the County Society," Dr. Ascites, about a year and a half; beginning in lower extremities, but is now confined to abdomen. Flowers white or pale-violet; fruit, a be confounded with Belladonna. Picks imaginary insects from face and blows them off Occasional relevant answers, but attention could not be held, being replaced by a spontaneous flow of Physical examination showed the presence of a clothing. In many of the localities where these comma-bacteria were found, cases of true cholera were present, which shows an inhanced significance between the incidence of cholera in a locality and abdomir.ll conditions which may give rise to perforative peritonitis, and the best time to operate in such cases. They have discovered serum which will protect animals against the foot and mouth disease. This consciousness of one's heart is as a rule seen in arrhythmia and extrasystoles, in sclerotic cases and in toxemia of excessive smokers.