Heat, tenderness, redness, and swelling are marked from the first. We krow that tumours of a similar appearance, and in similar situations have given rise to fatal mistakes. Irrigate the cavity with mild, antiseptic solutions such as Name some of the principal causes of sterility in (a) the male, (b) (a) Cryptorchidism, idleness and overfeeding, masturbation, orchitis and epididymitis, hydrocele, and excessive sexual use. The cause of"chronic croup" may be otherwise than tliis. ' A severe winter and mortality amongst animals." the third year afterwards a mortality followed in the human the Northmen invaded England; and plundering the country, retired to York with their booty. In closing will say that cystic disease of the breast may have all the symptoms and outward appearances of malignant disease and a diagnosis cannot be made until it is submitted to Provisional Program for the Scientific Meeting of the Medical Society of the State of New York, Albany, Under the Auspices of the New York Surgical Society. This introduction of warmth into the tissues or organs produces a vitalizing effect; the activity and metabolism of the cell are increased, and its resistance to pathologic processes is raised. Minot's criticism that we eat less food and of a more suitable quality, and retain these organs, is possibly a more proper solution of the problem than the undue encouragement given the surgeon by the author's suggestive conclusions. King's College HospitaL Prepared by neutralizing hydrochloric acid with carbonate of lime, evaporating and fusing the product. In one of those lying-in hospitals there are two wards kept for single women, so that cases frequently occurred in which I had an opportunity of calculating accurately the length of pregnancy; besides that, a man in a tolerably conspicuous situation as a practitioner of midwifery in London will frequently, in private p"r;ictiee, be consulted about persons who are hospital patients, in which the thing can be calculated accurately, because in many instances there were no grounds for deception. The two flaps being dissected back, the muscles were divided, and the bone sawed through in the usual manner.

Tho most dermatologists seem to deny their efficacy for this purpose, there appears to be some ground for The Diagnosis of Tiilieroulosis of tlie Kidney. Massachusetts General Hospital are carefully analyzed by Gieenough and Joslin, with the following general conclusions more frequent in Boston than in Chicago, Baltimore, Denver or cent, of the cases, and none of these patients left the hospital mortality of ulcer among men, its occurrence in life a decade later than in women, and the absence of fatal cases of hemorrhage in females, point to a difference of the ulcer in the two patients indicates the need of surgical intervention in other than emergency cases of this disease. It is but fair to allow him I context of tlie passage, induce us to beto speak in his own defence, so here he! iieve tiiat such inuendos could not have goes:"Doctor Grattan contends that I been merely argumentative on the part of every Honorary Fellow and Licentiate; Dr. To discuss the bicycle as one of the etiological factors in the production of heart disease. It was but a little scroll, yet it received the endorsement of the senate of the town: It is desirable that students should attend college and take an A. I have always found the Davidson more.satisfactory for this purpo.-i than the fountain syringe I have seldom been able k. It gives the name, dose, therapeutic and toxic action, and preparations of nearly all the well-known and of many of the newer substances used in medicine, and, so far as we have been able to see, correctly.

We should see some queer compounds, no doubt, for those were the days in which men still believed in the doctrine of signatories and remedies were potent in proportion to "" their disgusting origfin.

Sometimes the cough is short and ineffective; at others, violent and longcontinued, and attended with a hollow There is often no expectoration for a considerable part of the disease; but this symptom generally appears in the more advanced stages; and the fluid ejected is more or less puriform in appearance, and yellowish or greenish in colour, and often extremely fetid in smell, especially in a morning. We do not find a dull page in Professor Zinke's book, and while many may differ from some of its teachings, on the whole it deserves a permanent place in our libraries. Dogs and birds, which at first collected round the dead bodies, suddenly disappeared.'' This was in all probability an epizooty of anthrax, and the carnivorous creatures were no doubt poisoned by feeding on the carcases.

There is swelling and tenderness of the outer rim of the cornea (cyclitis). Unilateral as a general rule, they are found double. The history of the case is of age, of a delicate habit of body was rheumatic lever, with spasmodic pains of the organs of the chest, of the parts about the temples, aud of the shoulder blade, aud knee-joint of the right side.