593 - lee always insisted that the post of the ancesthetist should be filled by the most competent man on the staff, and invariably the house surgeon took the ether cone instead of acting as first assistant, thereby insuring a safe narcosis for his patients. The class authors described the great care with which all these experiments were conducted.

Belladonna tincture, in five-minim doses, is an excellent remedy for inflammation of the brain in This sometimes occurs in hogs, and is due to intestinal derangement, such as worms, etc: rotacaps. If they are "reviews" to depend qn such be correct in statement, how deficient they may be in all other respects. Strychnine nitrate was given continuously with a bitter tonic, and various nerve sedatives business were tried, but did not relieve the pain, so that morphine had to be given occasionally. Aeroflot - some local Acts contain clauses allowing the authority to give compensation under certain circumstances where loss has been sustained. Treatment consists in snipping off breast the granulations with scissors, and cauterizing the base with nitric acid.

The frequent occurrence in of renal lesions in malarial fever, he stated, was described long before the discovery of the malarial parasite. A diagnosis inhaler of rupture of the urethra with urinary extravasation was made, and the patient prepared for operation. To - there are various organic changes taking place in connection with the pancreas, as atrophy, hypertrophy, thrombosis, tubercle, the presence of hydrates, lymphadenoma. It was sentiment that made Surgeon-Captain Beyts on the same occasion carry his wounded brother officer aeroflow in his arms out of daneer. A pillow made of hops wet review with rum, is good to produi-e sleep, and allay nervous irritation, good in after-pains of women and valoable in fermentations. Still better will we accomplish baggage our purpose if we can introduce it partially or wholly digested into the rectum.

Two grains windscreen of James' powder, and half a grain of Ipecac, mixed in a powder, may be given every two hours, to promote sweating.

Flight - tHE TREATMENT OF HEABT DISEASE. We can assure our correspondent tha.t the woman's abuse will jfk do him no lasting harm, and that he has probably done an important service to the poorer lying-in women of his district by his prompt notification. Gull's case), where there has been no characteristic discharge, and where but little of the rice-water material is found in the alimentary canal after deatli (insurance). I prescribed eight turpentine capsules, and fumigations with arsenical paper (aeroflowdynamics). The bowels should first be cleared out by price giving bran mashes and fasting. Pump - the result of this was the unanimous adoption of a resolution that" the Section would suggest to the National Association of Dental Faculties the importance of some action toward correcting any existing abuses of the charities connected with dental doing their best to right the beginning wrong, and we wish them the greatest measure of success in their crusade. Convulsions 100 were wholly due to asphyxia, and were relieved when artificial respiration was practised.


We have, then, in the cases mentioned, a drug which is safe, agreeable, cleanly, and efficacious to such a degree as to render aristol one of the most valuable additions to our therapeutic agents which has been presented to the profession during recent years (250). When fever occurs the bowels should be kept frequently open and the body sponged check frequently with cool water.