A positive miostagmine reaction will be indicated by a diminished surface tension, hence an increase of from three to eight drops is evident, because during the period of incubation a chemophysical change has taken place, hence this difference in surface tension.

On the withdrawal of the stylet, the fluid at first flows slowly, then in a continuous jet, and at of these differences in the modes of flowing. Every person in whomi we have the slightest suspicion of a known or unknown syphilis infection, should be investigated! serodiagnostically in order to expose this masked infection, and therefore allow us to produce a cure of the diseased condition and prophylaxis for the As a general therapeutic principle, every syphilitic should receive treatment as soon as possible after infection. In a short while he was called to see the one-year old child of the deceased, and found it with fever and diarrhea, finally resulting in tubercular meningitis. The writer is of the opinion that it is of bacterial origin and infectious, though, like many other diseases that are caused by germs, its specific bacteria has not been isolated or demonstrated. Brown, Tosh, Russell, and Litchfield, a flap of three and one-half inches in its greatest width, and six inches in length, with convexities to suit conditions, was dissected from the inner aspect of the right thigh, leaving a pedicle one and three-quarters inch in width, and a little above the level of the parts to be covered.

However, in halfan-hour, an hour, or in two or three hours, the frightful crisis has terminated: the child becomes calm, sleep returns, his pulse is less rapid, and his skin is somewhat moist: when he wakes, his cough is still croupy, but it is more moist, and in the morning, it is still more catarrhal: respiration is less whistling, and the voice has nearly regained its natural tone. In the absence of any fee table, the rates allowed by accident insurance companies will_ generally be accepted. This ended his experiments in sugar beet raising. One is, that there have been great discoveries and improvements in allopathic therapeutics. He allowed the bladder to empty itself entirely after the use of the injection, and possibly it is owing to the shortness of contact of the mercurial solution that no irritating results seem to have followed. Two weeks later his present illness had begun, with daily chills unaccompanied by sweating: This is the result of the neglect of vaccination, which has been deliberately evaded with the connivance of boards of guardians. This brings us to a point where it becomes apparent that the desired absorption may be produced to much better advantage by the use of proper stimulating drainage, than with an instrument such as a sound. These occurrences took place at intervals of a fortnight, eight days. One other answered a long time ago. Or probably we would induce scopolamine-morphine anesthesia (one seventy-fifth of a grain of the former and one sixth of a grain of the latter hypodermically, repeated in an hour, and possibly again); hyoscine may be given to relax the muscles; cotton is stuffed in the patient's ears and quietness is observed. Upon examining the interior of the nasal fossse by the aid of a small speculum, some redness of the mucous membrane is nearly always found. The third suture, which really is a tie. The mother was thirty "" years old. Neither in the catarrhal nor typhoid forms of galloping phthisis, do you find.

In certain cases he had found that, in addition to the training, supports were needed, especially in the intervals between the exercises. The foulest specimen of urine passed by the above-quoted case of bichloride of mercury. With the exception of volume one, I have searched all the volumes of the American Journal of Science and Arts up to the time of Guthrie's death to see if there Avere any other articles by him; unfortunately none could be found. - chlorophyll, and visual purple are all intensely sensitive to changes by light rays, and are similar chemically.

Most of the studies recently published with radiographical observations almost without exception put stress on the point that an ossifying periostitis is the essential lesion, but that thickening or exostoses of the termination of the bones of leg and arm phalanges is not present. Bert Ellis, of California, on"The Necessity for a National Bureau of Medicine and II. He thought he had overcome this objection in a fairly satisfactory manner.

Recurrence of cystocele after operations for prolapse is very common.