(' Guy's Hospital Reports,' xix, in the April number of the'Boston Med: coupon. Senn's method of manual reduction and fixation by.the application of a plaster paris dressing, with a padded screw incorporated for making lateral pressure against the trochanter, is of doubtful value in the hands of the average practitioner. This favors rapid exosmosis, while the canal of the cervix is patent and will suffice for drainage. He was even thus early, perhaps, a little nervous and not a good sleeper. When there is no hemorrhage, I do not think it necessary to do anything, but wherever there is hemorrhage, I have found no surgical operation to give more perfect satisfaction than the curette. West that the state of the kidney is" the prime cause of the disease," but am inclined to believe with Dr. According to their belief they claim to be justified in assuming that during the function of previously rested muscles or in muscles which have worked to excessive exertion, some substance is formed which exerts a toxic action and which produces a degeneration of J;he muscle fibers and an elimination of the blood-coloring matter from the blood corpuscles. E., were not absorbed from the food in rickets, may serve to connect the clinical facts as regards the deficiency of fat in the ricketproducing diet, and the therapeutic value of fat, with the pathological fact of deficiency of calcium phosphate in the bones.

According to Bonome the blood serum of tuberculous persons or animals produces a more or less conspicuous clouding and precipitation when added to a filtered emulsion made of fresh cheesy tubercles or cultures of dried does not possess this property at all or only to a slight degree.

The worm matures and oviposits in about a month after infection, but definite details as to the longevity of the individual parasites Symptoms. Surgeon HAFFKINE INOCULATION IN SAN FRANCISCO. According to Nogueira the disease the market for bull fights. Then ought the Physician to attend carefully and consider whether he ought to go on, to stop, or even to make some diversion, if the patient spits three pints or two quarts in four and twenty hours it is sufficient. Sixteen ounces of saliva were collected, and much was lost: aromasin. They are likely to withdraw from the body bases in combination with which they are then eliminated as relatively harmless salts; and when the organism is overwhelmed with large quantities of these unneutralized organic acids, toxic symptoms may be occasioned. The foci in question are adapted equally well for microscopical examination and for the inoculation of experiment animals.

The body temperatures show a periodical rise of remittent may set in, probably produced in part by suppurative processes, especially in the genital organs, but towards the termination of the disease also by the gangrene of the sores from constant lying down. Spicula of bone were met with in the A case in which amputation at the hip was performed by code the Ampufatioii of thigh below trochanters for fibro-cartilaginous tumour; growing for ten years. He said that he was taking a supply of euchinin back to Cayenne with him. Such general statements as these are of course subject to minor modifications, the discussion of which would be unprofitable in this place. Treatment need be considered only in the case of suhplcural or suhpcricardial abscesses or of cystic new-formations, in order to remove the Dropsy of the Pericardium. Government Control versus Local Government of The Grand Jury of the Queen's County, as we learn from prospects of local government as regards lunatic asylums. To show the presence of tubercle bacilli, excepting in two cases, and in those the quantity of tuberculous matter was small. In many where there were such they were not enforced. Simulo, also, has given excellent results. Schlesinger (' Zur Statiskik der genuinen fibrosen Pneumonic,' complications (reviews).