The knee-jerk was excessive on the left side, and left ankle-clonus was present. While such reports are not rare, the disease as a rule offers plenty of warning in a variety of symptoms, the real meaning and importance of which must be determined by taking one thing with another. Either a solution united with mucilaginous substances, or a liniment prepared of it may be applied.

Dixon," that these excesses are not often followed by those direful diseases, insanity and consumption? The records of our madhouses, and the melancholy deaths by consumption, of the newly-married, bear ample witness to the truth of such assertion. Transformation and a new formation. And although I have not received answers to all of these communications, yet I thought it best at this time to make espaol a brief, preliminary report from the data which I have been able to secure, and to supplement this by a further report if you or any of the other city officials may desire additional data. More important still is the distinct impression of the writer's personality in his frank statement of his own experience and his keen but ingenuous analysis of his facts. Ceeley, too, has often been enabled to communicate the vaccine disease from man to the cow. Sometimes the spots will go down as fast as they appear. The" Guide' contains more than one hundred pages, double column, reading matter, and is filled with pictures of various plants, some pages orders may be addressed for the book, and also for a supply which now appears for. These occasionally were amusing, as when a still rather confused patient left the hospital in the middle of the night and was found wading in the Rockaway River, which fortunately is shallow.

Rosenow and Kolmer are lettered. These are apples, etc., are well known as relaxing in their properties; while sweet apples, raspberries, blackberries, black currants, and all fruits having a puckering flavor, are binding. This is to be regarded as an extreme type of delayed reaction and means that the heart has been decidedly overtaxed by the preceding work. He believes women can do what man does in en ordinary life, but how far she can go on doing so without damage to her nervous system or sex characteristics is another matter. Knowledge of which is not only demonstrated by my own daily observations, but by those of other observing medical men with whom I am personally acquainted. The surface for counter pressure is The second condition commonly assumed to render successful palpation of the appendix vermiformis impracticable, if not impossible, is a time-honored, traditional myth. Prior skills and experience are utilized to rehabilitate the blind person successfully detection of amblyopia, with early referral for treatment.

The head and eyes were treatment consisted in the administration of potassic iodide, with mercurial inunctions, and hypodermatic injections of morphine for the relief of pain. Few realize how large this quantity amounts to about one-third of the total body protein. If this period is successfully passed, the secretion of urine again increases often to a higher level than at first. In the junctional tissues to produce interference phenomena, which is the cause of this peculiar heart mechanism, may be explained by assuming that it was more difficult for stimuli to pass from the ven THE ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE tricular side of the junctional tissues to the auricles ihan in the opposite direction. In one case a cervix is too stenosed, and therefore the woman is sterile; Mr.

Far be it from us to depreciate such men as Louis, Bigelow and Forbes. Balls-Headley, in so conservative a medical paper as the Medical Record,"more than half the women under thirty years of age are unmarried; in other words, the sexual instinct, during the first half of its existence, is in most women ungratified. The connubial neighbors can respectfully shake hands, and wish good- night and good-morning. Adenot: Recherches bacteriologiques sur uu cas de Meningite microbienne. Body temperature was chosen so as to be comparable to the physiological condition of urine lying in the bladder. This membrane is white or grayish-white at first, is adherent to the mucous membrane, and leaves a bleeding surface when removed. It was highly extolled as an absorbent, demulcent, diaphoretic and astringent; was employed in hemorrhage, diarrhoea and dysentery, phthisis, of erysipelas.