Codmanf says that there have been less one-half were serious and about one-third occurred in X-ray workers. In fractures of the clavicle, the occurrence of considerable callus is best explained by defect in the development of the clavicle during embryonic life. Fortunately he was seen to fall Ijy a fellow-workman; and as it was considered dangerous to go down into the well, he was fislied foi' with an iron hook attached to a rojje which hapi)ened to" Wlien about half way up the man's pantaloons (in which the hook had caught) l)roke, and he fell, head foremost, into a layer ot ))itch or coal tar some two or three inches deep at the bottom of the well. Also torula pursued with several species of parasites, diatoms, etc.

It is a one story structure, connected with the medical and legit surgical wards by glass enclosed corridors, and consists of ten rooms, including an X ray room, a laboratory, and a sterilizing room. At night he does not sleep soundly and his breathing is noisy, his loud snoring often arousing other members of the family. Syrups, green and dried fruits, and honey may also assist in Cran bread, graham bread, corn bread, hominy, and wheatena are permissible, (live review lemonade freely. An aspirating needle of moderate size is best, but an ordinary hypodermic needle can be used in emergency.

The old-fashioned long splint is illustrated by this simple and practical device employed by a surgeon under Stonewall Jackson, that great soldier and good man.

According to the general statistics of births, one child out of every three dies before the end of the first year.

The Duke of Argyll, replying on behalf of the princess, referred to the work science was doing in connection with cancer. This variability of the serum constitutes one of the drawbacks of the method. She has also gained thirty-eight pounds in added greatly to her general discomfort. The mothers all nurse their own children, at least until the ninth mouth, when tlie symiitoms of a new pregnancy usually present themselves. Puerperium was On inquiry the patient gave the following remarkable explanation for the introduction of this box: When twelve years old her menstruation appeared for the first time.

A calomel purge and a few doses of quinine, given at the proper time, destroys this monster. Lumbar puncture yielded about four the next twenty-six hours both pupils dilated, deafness developed, and a marked opisthotonos supervened.

More often, that neuralffia is a quite frequent conenmitant of the latter immediate neighborhood; that is, it does not extend to the shoulder or down tlie arm, and is not accompanied with that feeling of impending dissolution which characterizes anirina jjectoris. Raw or only partially cooked starch will leave a greater undigested residue than boiled starch. In all these cases there is a common tendency to steady progression, and ultimately to the formation of a truly carcinomatous neoplasm. After enumerating the many cathartics applicable to the various forms of constipation, the following formula is given, which has been found useful in the double role To make thirty powders, one to be taken before each meal.

Might it not be administered in small doses in inebi-iety, to sustain the nervous system after the hal)it of drinking is broken off? In six mouths from the time treatment was begun the patient was at least half well, and in less than a year her recovery was practically complete. They are not insane nor yet imbecile; but they lack endurance and stamina to such an extent that they are always more or less dependent on some one, no matter What educational and hygienic advantages may have been extended to them. Rockefeller for his aid to the scientific research committee.

The leucocytes had been extremely interesting.

I usually give about four grains of salol and ten of bismuth in two drachms of the chalk mixture. Hurry Fenwick showed two female patients suffering from myxoedema, in whom injections of frebh thyroid juice had been followed by improve To THK Editor of the Medical Record. Turner felt that it was a great mistake to regard the pneumonia as being confined to the lungs entirely, as he believed it was a general disease. Goddard Hospital in Brockton is devoted chiefly to the care of surgical, obstetrical, and a limited number of medical patients. Going, Fairfield, Finlay, and Coinstock.

Stroud's mechanism, together with remarks upon such removal in a private The instrument consisted of a horizontal flat piece of oak and an upright piece in which the head rests, and is secured in place by two screws on the medial aspect of the two jaws, which clasps the head just above the mastoid process, thus holding it absolutely horizontal and firm, the clamps being adjusted by means of the thumbscrews.