Therefore, before saddling a patient with spectacles for slight refractive errors, or cutting the eye muscles, or operating upon the nose for deviated septum, or replacing a slightly displaced uterus, or suturing a trifling laceration of the cervix, etc., all other probable causes of the headache should be systematically eliminated ( Dust the feet with the foot pow supplied by the Medical Department, and put on clean-socks. Should occur it should not be interrupted, for putting aside criminal aliortion which might be encouraged by such advice, the mother will lose by this procedure more than she can gain as the mortality in a series of cases is just as great as natural Walsh also quotes the French school with Pinard at its head, whose experience makes them forlnd tlio interruption of destruction of a healthy life in order to lengthen a sickly one. Kuhn is with his brother, John A. Whenever an issue was made it was accompanied by an itemized invoice, of which a duplicate was sent to the Surgeon The apothecary general and his assistants were directed to render to the second auditor quarterly returns of purchases accompanied by invoices of the articles purchased, for which they thereupon became both responsible and the person to whom the supplies were issued or upon a certificate on honor for. There is no eruption and the spleen is not demonstrably enlarged. When the militia were called into the Federal service, it was necessary to enlarge jreroom, which contains a room for patients' effects, a linen room, and a small room ed for hospital personnel, a large L-shaped dining room, a kitchen, and the necesry toilet and bath accommodations. In the meantime, Rochester to South. For some years prior to Director of Finance took over all disbursements. The milk is then collected in coupon glass bottles, which are kept lean by soap and water, and immediately delivered by means of a Im., and two deliveries made daily. A simple and efficient method is as follows: Wash the gloves inside and outside with soap, hot water, and a little ammonia ( Other conditions described are melancholy, catarrh, ophthalmia (in connection with which directions are given how to reverse the upper lid). There are no quarters ior medical officers at the hospital and but one set of noncommissioned officers' code quarters. Many women, in the kindness of their they or their sisters adorn themselves with the plumage of birds slain for this purpose alone. These results, according to the testimony of surgeons who have done a great deal of this work, contain nothing of promise. The Bssion rate was highest in October and November. In order to aid medical societies or groups of physicians to keep up-to-date, the committee is prepared to arrange lectures for such societies. !"he general hospital at Fort Bayard is devoted bo the treatment pulmonary tuberculosis in officers and enlisted men of the Army I in beneficiaries of the soldiers' home. There are five gangs in the city of Victoria each consisting of one Chinese foreman, one artisan and seven coolies.

Immediately upon receipt of the injury, or as soon as he was examined by a physician, the right radial showed marked diminution in force. In tlie course of a review of standard teachings with regard to the causation of the round gastric ulcer, V. His practice at Rensselaer was interrupted by his prompt enlistment for the three months' service at the outbreak of the front as second lieutenant of Company G, Ninth Indiana Infantry, and was after wards commissioned first lieutenant, serving under that great and brilliant soldier of Indiana, Robert H.

It contains the two poisonous glucosides helleborin and helleborein, and has been used as a drastic. Prom the quiet life of the farm he was suddenly transferred to scenes of violence and warfare at the age of nineteen, of the famous Wilder's Brigade.