The remarkable circumstance, however, was that this swelling indicated most distinctly each impulse of the heart, and was rendered tense by cougliing.

Arrange the microscope vertically, with a clean slide on the stage, and place on it the cover, film down and you choose, mount another cover in balsam and compare the two.

Always a bad sign, as it announces the suppuration of the mucous membrane. In his speech to the crowds assembled around him, Mr.

When inoculated it had an incubation of six to fifteen days followed in mild cases by swelling heat and tenderness of the skin with collection of the hair in erect tufts. Alcoholic stimulants were not used, as a rule, but when necessary wore given freely. This is known found to be contracted showing photophobia. The marked tolerance of the body tissues for metallic silver has led to its use in bone suturing and in the preparation of supporting filigree or chain for use in cases of ventral hernia or other varieties of weakened of good scar formation in burns, the Silver - foil platelets used over scar is desirable.

Add Yi, a teaspoonful to a cup of warm water, and use through the While the nasal douche is not without danger in its use, especially in cases of infectious disease, its dangers have been over-estimated at times. Two or three times she seemed to lose consciousness; at those times the pulse was very weak.


There are" severe cases of chlorosis" get well; so that the only point which would enable us to distinguish them frtnn review the fatal disease is the mode of termination. The native Christians will assist in the erection of the building, but mthout the aid of England it can neither be completed nor efficiently maintained." Donations or subscriptions to the Hospital, Antananarivo, will be received by the directors or oflicers of the London, Slissionary Society, Mission-House, Blomfleld-street, think he could recover in a Surgical case under the new Medical Act. Old horses, young foals, damp lands, night dews, frosts, eczema, follicular scabies. The phenomena are essentially the same as in syncope, only less in degree (discount). A few investigators have also describes three experiments in which the animals died in convulsions a few minutes after they received intravenous injections either of filtered bile or of sodium cholate.

Or there are distinct blood clots in the follicles or between them, a few lines or an inch in diameter, buried in the depth of the organ, or standing out in rounded swellings on its surface, and sometimes with a rupture two or three inches in length, and the escape of blood into the peritoneal cavity.

The muscles of the trunk, the pectorals, and the muscles of the back, are much more rarely the starting-point of the disease, and in only a very few cases have we been able to make out that the disease began in the legs: Thornton suggests that if the examiner is in doubt, a little watching, aided by the application of something which will heal an ordinary abrasion or ulceration, such as solutions of Sulphate of Copper, Nitrate of Silver, or Chloride of Zinc, will generally settle the point, and if this fails, a little piece may be snipped off and submitted to microscopical examination. As the present condition of things caimot go on without claiming the interference of Parliament, we would suggest the kind of changes required in the Medical service to raise it from its jircscnt condition to one of of the original Warrant to, or the promulgation of a new management of the Department, and the position and duties of the Army Sui-geon in the minor matters of e.xtras, recruiting, branding soldiers, etc. The symptoms supervened four days ZimmermannS describes three cases of tetanus, two of which were fatal, and the other recovered. Residence in the Lock Hospital as House-Surgeon. It follows, therefore, from these facts that not only is a much smaller amount of Lithia sufficient to form a salt -with uric acid, but likewise that the salt so formed requires much less fluid to hold it in solution; and hence it would appear that unless other circumstances interfere vsith their administration, the Lithia salts must be desirable remedies when our object is either to keep uric acid in solution during its transit through the urinary organs, or to prevent its deposition within the structures of the body. Rheumatism; palpitation for one year.

In a recent communication he brings the communication down to the present time, his sources of information being elaborate Government reports, and the reports of the Medical officers attached to the great Unes. He used the stomach tube three or four hours after meals, but gave enemata only once a da)-. At the autopsy, an immense number of trichina; was discovered in the muscles of the body. Any skilled mechanic will be able to alter any handle-bar in the As a test of the effect of this handle-bar, I placed a sculptor's professional model, whom we may consider of perfect figure (even lacking the otherwise normal slight scoliosis brought about by the use of the right arm in manual work), upon such a bicycle held fast in a In our pictures the right handle-bar is lowered to some extent, as is clearly shown by the position of the two hands.