Produk Terlaris

When she returned to the surgeiy the joint was very much enlarged, and suppurating profasely.

For twenty-four hours it had been in this alarming condition, and believing diphtheria to be a constitutional disease, I had long since discarded the use of local applications. Having driven the better class of male students from the amphitheatre of Pennsylvania Hospital, why could they not have been satisfied with the excellent advantages offered by that institution, not enjoyed in their own hospital and at their own clinics, without obtruding themselves into the amphitheatre of the Philadelphia Hospital, which had become the resort of a large proportion of the male students. It is a powder, and is prepared from the juice of the Carica papaia, or melon-tree. The tumour is painted daily with a solution of iodine, just half as strong again as the ordinary tincture, whilst the patient takes five grains of iodide of potassium at first (to bo gradually increased to a scruple, in the absence of iodism), twice or thrice daily, in a tumbler of water. A day or two later, however, the patient is apparently as well as he was before the attack, except that mental deterioration becomes more rapid, with a tendency to the formation of bed-sores and the development of other trophic disturbance.

Some confound it with varicella, and there are cases that resemble this. The next course will be given on the same days of the week, Stewart will commence a course of six lectures on a K' vision of theEndoskeleton in the Physiological Series in the Museum Cambridge, will begin a course of three lectures on the Recent Additions to the Museum of the College. The next step in the operation was to introduce the silk seton. ; so that, although the diagnosis of the individnal case may be of the utmost importance to the patient, the number of cases which you will meet with in general practice is comparatively Before proceeding further, I must request you to note clearly the characteristics which separate tumours from growths of inflammatory origin. Men who are under the influence of this scruple will always find in cremation something unspeakably revolting, some taint as of impropriety or barbarism, some want of respect for the dead and for the religious feelings of the living. This report contained also an intimation of the opinion of the Committee as to the candidates that they recommended for the various offices. Will wheaten flour, was then applied, the layer being her strength. No classitieation is possible under the existing time of our Commissioner's visit, as there were few patients in bed and no acute or oft'ensive case. John, rector of the linkedin parish of Suffolk, Va. The butcher visited Darvel two days before the boy's illness commenced, and took the boy with him in his cart while making the round of the village. We suspect that the English schools have still a good deal to learn in this direction. Intimations of jiapcrs and are requested to cnmraunicftte with the Honorary Secretary (Dr. It had, he says, been looked upon as a settled point that the disease was not by any means whatever transmissible from man to man, though it has occasionally been communicated from man to some species of the lower animals, especially dogs. The dose of such a A necessary adjunct treatment consists in the employment of a nasal spray or douche with one of the alkaline antiseptic solutions, at intervals of about two hours, for the purpose of washing away the accumulations of nasal secretions, inhaled dust, and prohferating bacteria. Owing to the numerous applications received this supply is already nearly exhausted, but Dr. Almost rewritten and cross references and other emendations have A paper by Professor Edwin Klebs, late of Zurich, on The Present Status of the Specific Treatment of Diphtheria, was States, having established a sanatorium and a laboratory at Ashevilie, North Carolina. It was very useful for removing polypi high up under the middle turbinated bono, and in any situation too narrow to admit larger instruments. The patient made a rapid recovery, and was in good health a year after the operation. On being broken up it was found to have for its nucleus a cherry-stone in perfect condition, around which was encrusted a layer of calcareous matter one-third of an inch thick, the whole mass measuring one inch in its longest diameter. The muscles of the legs and arms reacted to faradism. In common, as we now believe, with the great mass of those interested in educational progress in the metropolis we recognised the value of the report without being blind to its defects. Catharine, a native of Kildare, Ireland; years; was a native of France, and a soldier under Gen. The same effect has been noted in every case in which acetanilid has been used, clearly showing that it has local anesthetic powers. I gave up for it, and made a good change." valuable matter, so concisely embodied in your admirable appreciation of your very useful journal, and the earnest hope that its usefulness and circulation may continue to increase." the late Thomas Harris, all of New York. In former days the patients at the one were paupers, at the other they were presumably of better position. At killed among the advance troops, by a charge of Mexican cavalry, at COEFEE, G-EN. was at first intense, and is still from the mastoi.l of the same side.

Bandages of the gun cotton thus saturated with permanganate of potash can be readily applied, and in cases of open wounds, cancers and the like, must prove very acceptable to surgeons.