For this purpose, he thought that the transverse diameter of the brim was, perhaps, the legit most suitable, though the antero-posterior diameter was nearly as good. The precipitation of all the lime it contains does not affect its activity, nor are its cMorides indispensable, but whatever acts upon its organic constituents, heat, strong alchohol, or strong acids, or which removes them, such as animal charcoal, chlorine, tannic acid, or acetate of lead, destroys all its digestive properties. He was a physician of sane and sound judgment, and he knew well how to bring his large knowledge and experience to bear upon his cases. Six days after this, deep fluctuation was discovered in the was well-marked fluctuation in the right hip, which was much enlarged, the skin being tense and reddened. It is with emotions of no ordinary kind, that I here insert an extract from a despatch addressed by him to to assert, displays throughout more solid information on plague, than has hitherto appeared even in the works of professional men. And the supernatant serum removed. Which would even suggest that a diet containing lactose may render an animal more suitable for tumor growth. Diagnosticating acute rheumatism, I prescribed salicylate of soda in fifteen-gr.ain doses every three hours. There is only a slight amount of albuminous exudate. These sheds are of wood, and are covered over with tiles and tarpaulings on the roofs. No matter what operation we might perform upon the sphincter alone, it would have no curative effect upon the hemorrhoidal vessels; and if we made a complete denudation of the covering membrane and did not disturb the underlying vessels, no improvement would follow. It is rarely used in China, Russia or England, countries which consume more good tea than all the rest of the world. Talbot was the chairman of this committee, and Dr. I might tell you review of from mankind to various domestic animals, and from domestic animals back to man; and how these facts explain many features in the history medicine a new indication for the limitation of this terrible disease.

XIV Cask of Cohobhital Dbformitt of Fkmoba, abskhox of Tibiji, and Malfobuation of RkPOBT of a CoMMITTKB irUMIKATXD to nnrBBTIGATB THX Phjsidan to the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Cheat; Villa du Bocher. We find, however, that the circulation is still increased in force, amount, and rapidity; and so long as the circulation is so increased, the respiratory movements continue to be increased likewise.

The communications by water are very limited. In some portions of our western country.

The exact scope and limitations of suggestive therapeutics have not yet been definitely determined.

It is a delicious fish, and from its roe, mixed with that of another species caught in Bucintro, the Corfiots prepare their botargo: they first salt the roes, then smoke them, and preserve them in oil. On this suliject was read by Ur. I ogelher in all our splendor we went to ( lasses, We learned anatomy, drugs, diseases, and gases. Dunglison has comprised within his volume much of what is known of the means and methods proper to be used in the management and preservation of health, in all their branches and ramifications.

A small rent was made into the uterine cavity during the process of separation of the bladder, the liquor amnii escaped, and the fatus, which measured ten inches and three-quarters and weighed fourteen ounces. Even were we to admit the obvious changes in the blood to be the second link in the chain of causation, it is still no less a point worthy of our careful study.