Once gout reaches the knee then it becomes polyarthritic, while rheumatism is polyarthritic with the very first attack. O' Donovan was a true believer in the truth of the Christian religion, and earnestly clung to the faith of his fathers in the Roman Catholic Church. Several hospital representatives were During the e.xecutive session following the presentation, it was reptjrted that the Philadelphia County Medical Society has been studying this program for seven or eight years and has neither approved nor The commission agreed that home care programs should be given continued study. The Italian Government is enforcing the law to disinfect railway carriages. Death sometimes occurs from actual asphyxia due to the arrest of the respiratory movements of the thorax. The patellar and pupillary reflexes were intact. Fulness about pelvis, bearing-down pains. Last year, eighty-two testimonial plaques were prepared by the Pennsylvania Medical certificates were sent for presentation. The kidneys were found'full size and quite in the beginning of the ninth month, had a fit of dyspnea in the kitchen of the Edinburgh Royal Maternity Hospital. Benson of the Board of ITustees, read in part: improvement in the program to provide adequate supported hy the Scranton Administratio!i to liberalize aid to those persons over sixty-five who need help. The absence of sunlight; the isolation of the sexes, solitary confinement, drinking water laden with disease germs; insanitary states and other defects of modern civilization have a vital force and causing tuberculcE. The machine used at the switch board; lamp and ampere meter were connected in series, the voltmeter was connected directly to the terminals of the lamps being tested. The morphine test mentioned, when speaking of nitric acid, is the last that has been proposed, and perhaps the most Soda, lime, and baryta, are seldom, if ever, used as poisons, and need not be further noticed. Their preparation and digestibility are fully discussed. There were twelve monthly meetings of the Executive Board of the society. Operatives in lead mines, workers in lead, either as metal, medicinal or chemical agent, paint, all suffer to a great or less degree. Among the prominent symptoms of Graves' disease are pains, of great variety as to their seat and nature, for they are both general and local in their distribution, but nevertheless they usually present some features in common which render them characteristic of this malady.

Pour thia water off, and then aimmer the rice gently in a quart of water, for two or three hours. The patients are usually girls, who, after a varying period characterized by changes in or perversity of disposition, begin to manifest an obstinate aversion to food in any form, and continue to do so though threatened with utter starvation.

My experience the percentage is much less, but doubtless is higher among those observers who have more extensive opportunities among workmen in factories. For these reasons many of us would agree that the tonsils and adeniods should not he removed before the age of four years except where their presence is proved harmful beyond reasonable doubt. These reforms attract attention all over the State ( Cold baths are more antithermic,, the lukewarm are more innocuous. Evaluation of different muscle relaxants and their relationship of mode of action within the central nervous system and neuromuscular apparatus.