When seen a week after the accident, the only objective symptom was a patch of ecchyrnosis, situated at the jobs upper and inner part of Scarpa's triangle. Those who are giving such instruction regularly and are talking with students through the academic year are jirobr.bly better qualified to work out such a chart. The majority were depressed and homesick, their general physical condition was below par, and they became easy prey to infections. We found this sign largely dependent upon the degree of irritability and general feeling of wellbeing of the patient as to whether it became pronounced, absent or only slight in Warm and moist hands was a sign constant in all cases. The alcohol remains colourless or acquires a pale yellow tint, and even on standing, or on the addition of an acid, no urobilin band is seen.

Wood alluded to the case of the College of Surgeons of London, against which there was at that time the same personal feeling as now existed the Queen's University. Douglas says:"After the first or ten days, the plaster may be broken - far a.s the wrist-joint, and thus leave the at free use of the hand, avoiding in great pleasure the stiffness of the joint common to muscles, by allowing them no room to bunch up in such contraction." Besides the dangerous practice recommended in thus isolating an intermediate portion of the forearm for constriction with a rigid envelope, I fail to understand how"free use of the hand" can be accomplished without contraction of the mus In the paragraph next preceding his description of the plaster-of-Paris splint, the assertion is made that:"All appliances that have been Used or recommended involve more or less movement of the limb, and consequent liability to displacement of the fracture during their application," and further on. An injection of morphia may produce not sleep, but excitement and delirium.

If I have, in attempting to sustain my views, made use of any language which would seem to imply that I have been annoyed at the criticisms of my paper, I request the privilege of recalling it.

A double antrotomy can be done in IS minutes under local anesthesia. In our money-grubbing, fee-gulping, pedantic, hard matterof-fact days, with their hide-bound educational formulas, he would have been nowhere. It acts more on the entire arterial circulation than on the heart aft a centre.

The connexion of the pm-chase of arsenic witli the assumption or a false name and the subsequent finding of arsenic in the husband's body is a careers chain of facts which must bear strongly against the accused. Apparently this method was employed by the Army in some cases as a substitute for other more expensive forms of secondary treatment. The woman had out-door relief and constant Medical attention after she left the Infirmary, and when her case assumed a serious aspect she was sent back. In the best type of pilot with good nerves the effects recorded are of short duration, whilst in unsuitable ones the respiratory rhythm remains increased for some time, there is marked tremor, and peripheral vaso-motor constrietion. Man's fight to conquer the elements has been prompted either by the sense of sport and adventure or by the development of commerce in the spread of civilisation. The dimensions of the superior members, when Inches: I found her in a bad condition. The soldier will be delivered to the designated institution accompanied by necessary attendants and not discharged until his arrival thereat.

"Receiving a new truth is adding a new sense," though"there are few persons to whom the truth is not a sort of insult." I have often said to my professional brethern. The bunks are very close together and there is considerable crowding. The egg was then returned to not be described in greater detail at this time. " He lived," says one of his biographies," in the first degree of reputation and in the greatest affluence of practice for many years, without any other enemies than those which he raised by the superior merit of his conduct, the brighter lustre of his abilities, his improvements of his science, and his contempt of pernicious methods, supported only by authority, in opposition to sound reason and indubitable experience." He was clearly a man of strong determination and of original observation in his own ways of thought and action. Ruder this treatment there jas a rapid improvement in the distressing and somewhat alarming symptoms. In horses he had seen aneurism of the aorta from violence, and in these specimens the sac was generally covered with ossific deposit which had been formed after the fracture of the artery, and so, he believed, in many examples in the human subject ( In appropriate cases in the hospital the plan is about to be tried. They call it mulungu, or murungu.

In the conduct of this journal he was associated with a gentleman of great ability and one of the most brilUant writers of the day ( DeLee in discussing indications for abdominal deliveries makes the following statements:"The absolute indication for cesarean section exists when the parturient canal is narrowed so much that the child, even reduced by mutilating operations, cannot be gotten through with safety will give the absolute indication, but the narrowing of the passage may be produced by exostoses, irremovable tumors, stenosis ef the cervix and vagina, and neoplasms of the uterus and adnexa, prolapsed before the child. The surface of the cortex is seen to be composed of innumerable cysts of all sizes, ranging from that of a pea to that of an orange in some instances, and presenting very irregular and On section, the same condition exists, and the whole substance of the kidney is completely riddled with cysts, usually of a larger size in the cortex than in the medullary portion.

In most instances, though, the cholesteatomatous transformation was not suspected until the kidney was examined at operation or a certain percentage of cases of long-standing pyelitis, which are not amenable to That leukoplakia may be tiie predecessor of carcinoma is indubitable. The mortality rate of the individual physician depends more upon the time, care and attention which he gives to his patient at the time of her delivery than it does upon special training or any other fac-" tor.