A powerful tonic may be as well as in debility with acidity of the stomach. Before the position of the viscera was disturbed, it was observed that no part of the intestines lay in front of the tumor. Both before and since the discovery of antitoxin, that he Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal. The diet should include such articles of food as experience has shown to be capable of stimulating the bowels to increased activity. When paralysis has existed for a considerable length of time, muscular contractures often develop, at first generally in the extensors, but subsequently in the flexors of the thighs and the legs. This treatment will not preclude the use of other remedies, but, if given properly and in time, we believe it would seldom be necessary to call in Deafness may result from a disorganization of the structure of the ear, from paralysis of the auditory nerve, from obstructions, etc. No cows can enter the premises except with a permit on which the destination is stated and none can leave except for immediate slaughter. In moderately contracted pelves, the induction of labor promises well.

He refers to two cases of Eichhorst's, which are evidently Dr. The leaves are alternate, petiolate, nearly cordate at the base, oblong-ovmte and obscurely three to five-lobed above, various in breadth, plaited, fiTeribbed, unequally serrated, somewhat angular, soft and pliable, and petals, of a pale-purplish color; tlie fruit consists of numerous capsules unitt'd in a compact circular form, each containing a single seed. Three weeks were now allowed to pass, bj- which time cureted and scissored away. A year ago she commenced to suffer with jointpains in her feet and hands, which, at times, would shift to the right shoulder, and from that time until the present she has never been free from so-called"'chronic rheumatism." Since the"rheumatism" commenced she has had very few lieadaches, and in her own mind associated the cessation of the headaches with the beginning of the rheumatic eonditi'in. It may be necessary to iacise the sheath or scarify the penis and apply cold water and other astringents, with manipulation to TuMOES ON THE Speematic Coed. In two instances, Whitehead" and Stockton and Roswell Park" have done it for a diverticulum of the esophagus. It may be caused by OTerloadiag the stomach with sound fodder, by the presence of hair-balls and other foreign bodies in the stomach, by fever, choking, stricture or parasites in the guUet, tuberculosis, etc. From one of the tables of births we notice that, as in Philadelphia, considerably more than half the infants are born in the latter half of the year. Chloroform is also used by inhalation as an anaesthetic agent, and is considered to possess some advantages over ether, from the smallness of the dose, its more prompt action, its more agreeable effects, its less tenacious odor, its greater cheapness, and the readiness with which it may be exhibited. It was manufactured by subliming the soot resulting from the burning ol camel's dung, which is used there as fuel. The approath of danger to the fetus was usually indicated by the discharge of meconium, the development of an umbilical soullie, and excessive rapidity or slowness of the fetal heart. Also its upper border may be displaced upward.

Percussion gives a high-pitched resonant note all over the chest, particularly over the upper lobes; reveals a decrease of the normal area of cardiac duJness; shows the liver to be as low as palpation indicated it to be, and gives flatness in the flanks and in the suprapubic area if ascites is present. Because heparin therapy should at least in theory be of benefit, it has been suggested that heparin failure is caused by decreased antithrombin III levels during factor X, and its action is accelerated by heparin. Growing practice of attaching pay-wards to hospitals, which, let me repeat once more, are founded and exist for charitable and educational purposes. - increase in the general comfort by relief of pain and soreness, and removal of cough and incidental insomnia.

In either case there is trembhng, elevated temperature, excited pulse and breathing, heat about the upper part of the head, injected glaring eyes, rolling or set, extreme excitability and violent trembling even when just roused from stupor. The leaves are opposite, oblong-ovate, acute at both ends, and somewhat downy beneath. Lameness, which is usually present in recent cases and is the only symptom in occidt spavin, is shown by moving stiffly on the toe, when the horse is turned from side to side of the stall. The trunk of the vagus is not involved in early cases, but in later cases the trunk of this nerve as well as the splanchnics and phrenics are profoundly degenerated. He was aware that this rendering of the text was incorrect; in fact he almost always knew when he read aloud incorrectly, and expressed impatience thereat.