The most remarkable contribution of the Salemitan school to internal medicine is the Tractatua de aegritudinum curaiione, the first example of an encyclopedic text-book of medicine, written by many authors, and no doubt standard school booK of internal medicine in the first half of the twelfth century. The intestinal excretion of water is also greatly lessened; hence the bowels are costive and the fseces dry and hard. I then went on home, stayed a week killed at the en first Manassas battle. In the New World the disease is pandemic in Mexico, where it has existed since the advent of the Spaniards; if it was not known before the conquest under the name of REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. It can thus be seen that the term exophthalmic goitre is an unfortunate one. In the century just closed the epidemics have shown a tendency to confine themselves to the vicinity of the place of origin, a result no doubt traceable to improved sanitation. The kidney of the aged differs but little from the kidney of interstitial nephritis, and the changes are produced even in normal condition, with comparative rapidity. Thanks to Walshe, Bennett, Paget, Wedl, Rokitansky, Virchow, and others, we are able to explain many of the phenomena of growth of such tumors, while there is much that is still dark and mysterious in their history.

The glomeruli may occasionally appear normal, but there is almost always some swelling and hyaline degeneration, together with some proliferation and desquamation, of the epithelium, so that they become highly cellular. Among which are fatigue, toxins, the approach of also in some diseased conditions. Ocular pain is made possible only through the fifth nerve. Assistant Professor Treat was promoted to an associate In Economics and Social Science, Professor Young was absent during the year on leave as Lecturer on Economics at Harvard Uni versity, resigning at its close to become Professor of Economics in Washington University at St.

From these experimental and physiological observations it becomes evident that there is a direct antithesis in the action of these glands; that when the function of the one is in evidence that of the other is in abeyance and vice versa.

A careful, detailed history, with the discovery of the special factors producing nervous tension, with the application of espaol appropriate psychotherapy, is what is needed nere. Left pupil was larger than right, reacting sluggishly to light and accommodation.

Several patients complained of backache associated with nervousness, one of pain in the finger tips and nails when nervous. The occurrence of many complaints in the gouty habit has long been a subject of observation and anxiety. - the first Greek text of the Aphorisms was edited by Francois Rabelais, handy and highly esteemed. The fact established by the authors"that sodium citrate is a very dangerous drug when injected intravenously without observing the precautions," i. The typhoid bacillus varied a great deal in virulence and in the numbers found in the body.

As for the detaching of larger fragments which should deserve the name of emboli, I found no actual anatomical proof, though abundant possibility for such an occurrence existed. The quantity of urine may not be decreased, and may be Causes.- As an independent constitutional disease, anaemia may be said to From loss of other fluids of the body besides blood, especially of such as contam albuminous, fibrinous, _ mucinous, or caseinous substances, such as the excessive secretion of milk in protracted suckling, suppuration profuse bleu! excessive bodily and mental labor; continued excitement, pain, care, grief, intense and its duration prolonged, such as by scrofula, carcinomatous diseases, (Maetin). It is hard to say why tobacco has been selected as the general agent for inciting what is called toxic amblyopia.

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