He remarks that connective tissues, bones, and fascia do not have the resisting power to the tubercle bacillus that is possessed by the skin, and when the germ gets away from the latter it is no longer under control, and in a short time the' disease is reproduced in a nodular or disseminated form which represents miliary tuberculosis of the intestinal organs.

This synergistic action is very Example: Cathartics operate better when in combination with each other or with some other medicine than when given alone. The comparison held good with regard to successive epidemics, and he did not regard the hospital administration as responsible.

The abdominal wall is depressed by the fingers of the external hand until the finger tips of one hand recognize, or practically"Palpation of the ovaries is Ijest accomplishetl by following the lube from the uterine cornu outward to the ovary. Its danger, v.'hen done early, is almost nil, but this danger which any e.xtended experience will certainly Congenital malformations of the rectum and anus constitute another of the strongest indications. The first was a case of"Suppurative Thrombophlebitis of the Iliac Vein," following a primary infection of a finger. Give us your opinion concerning" idiosyncrasy." In how large a degree do you think the term a cover for insufficient knowledge? typhoid fever? Give the technic, also the physiologic action aimed at. It is of the benign type of new growth. Quassin therefore exists in two distinct states, the amorphous and the crystaUized, and it was so demonstrated by Adrian, Moreau and Duquesnel. Besides this he does plenty out-door walking Thank you. Applications of compound tincture of benzoin and dipping the whole fingertip in aristol collodion at night (the smart is severe for a second) promptly heals up the creaises.

The disease in ninety-nine cases in a hundred can only be properly discriminated by the fullest and most careful consideration of every thing connected with its history, its symptoms, the effects of remedies, and its morbid So far from its being true that we have any one symptom that can be relied upon as entitled to the name"pathognomonic," the truth is, the same disease is scarcely ever characterized by the same symptoms. The patients awoke during the night suffering from pain in the eyes, the lids became swollen, the eyes could not be opened, and photophobia, epiphora, and swelling of the conjunctiva were present. In practice it should not be forgotten, however, that in the more serious cases nephritis of grave type was possible, and might prove a serious complication. APPENDICITIS: IS IT ALWAYS A SURGICAL DISEASE? I gave a teaspoonful of olive oil between meals and later substituted the same amount of orange juice.

So valuable, however, is digitalis, that physicians all over the world disregard the possibility of this and make use of the whole plant-drug because there is, after all, nothing quite so Nevertheless it is not a wise thing to make use of an uncertain preparation when one that is certain in its action is obtainable; and we are assuredly at home with digitalis, since one of its glucosides, when extracted and given in a state of chemical purity, gives all the advantages of the drug without any of its disadvantages. When the hip alone is involved, it is the mnlum coxa senile of the older writers. A sudden elevation of temperature in the chronic empyemas accompanies perforation of infectious material through a sinus wall into a neighboring cavity or tissue (orbit, cheek, cranial cavity, etc.) ( This subvariety has been called by some pur-' pura urticans. It was easy enough to recognize a crepitant rale or a cardiac dilatation, but not so easy to explain what was the matter when a patient said he had a persistent pain in the back, a continual pressure on the top of the head, or nervous indigestion, etc.

He was again compelled to send for his physician. His death occurred, in the sixty-first year of surgical library, containing numerous exceedingly rare mediaeval and classical works, was largely given to the College of Physicians of the American Surgical Association, and its Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, John Rhea Barton professor of surgery in the Besides the reviews and bibliographical notices appearing in the American Journal of of that journal, and in the"Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia." After that date several series of clinical lectures may be found in the files of the Philadelphia Medical Times, the Philadelphia Medical News, the Neiv York Medical Record, and more recently in the International Clinics, the International Medical Albert Sydney Ashmead, worker in leprosy, grandson of Thomas Ashmead, and a direct descendant of Sarah Rush, the paternal aunt is said to be of Moorish descent and to have been driven from Grenada with the Moors and Jews under Ferdinand and Isabella. His account of York Medical and Physical Journal and Review, vol. To yellowish or hii'iuorrhagic as the eruption grows older.

Reese to a special committee of seven, to report to-morrow morning. When resolution is delayed, we should examine the distressed countenance and dilating alff nasi; gradually increasing cyanosis with inspiratory retraction of the base of the sternum and of the lower impaired resonance can be made out.