In this case the room was on the second floor, but over the kitchen and engine portal room, and there was a constant noise of the clatter of meeting should never be overlooked by the arrangement committee. The same is true of laboratory work, without which a working knowledge of modern medicine is out of the question. Why these three classes of injuries should be followed by tetanus can not be explained on any other ground than that in the case of blank cartridges the latter itself is free from tetanus, but that the hand or foot or face, which are the most frequent sites of infection, are more or less covered with street dirt containing tetanus bacilli, and that the blank-cartridge wound furnishes the ideal conditions for the development of the tetanus bacilli. The perforation in this case was evidently an accidental concurrence. It appeared to be a case of early catharrhal appendicitis with severe lymphangitis.

The work pursued at the station includes biological, geological, botanical and entomological and other investigations conducted during the summer, and- meteorological, magnetic and other observations made at all seasons.

My excuse for asking payment is this: I must have found a substitute, who would have been obliged to supply medicine, the Workhouse Dispensary not being opened until midday, and then only for an hour. After one week of the above treatment the danger of external opening no longer presented, and at the end of two weeks the abscess had stopped discharging and the fistula closed soon afterward. He saw no reason to modify the views then expressed, for it appeared to him that neither the symptoms during life nor the post-mortem appearances justified an opposite conclusion. "The only portions of the oriiiinal plan of building finished (the north octagon and the north-west vving), were found not only fully occupied, but crowded. The mass of smaller cysts had doubled their and was suffering so much from the mechanical effects of the blacker fluid was withdrawn. In actuality, you have come full circle, for: Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity." It was in hoping that you dreamt, in dreaming that you sought, in seeking that May all your graduation dreams come true and may all of your tomorrows be With so much joy and happiness, we congratulate you on a job well done. Leitch, Mary and Margarkt, McCooK, Dr. Her condition was examination he agreed with me. Especially those in this condition, if the symptoms are not urgent, postural treatment should be tried, and if, in any position of the head and neck, relief is alTorded, that position should be maintained by suitable apparatus until Nature has effected a cure by enlargement of the thora.'C, strengthening the tracheal rings, and diminution la the size of the gland. And the early resort to chloroform was prevented by respect for tlie doubts of those who at first were inclined to regard it as a case of fever. E., and dating from Bloanc-street, recommends the fcllowing mode of vaccinationg, and thinks it applicable both to baUes and of a fluid in common use ia our Profession, called' Liquor veaic itorius:' size of a pin's head, appears on the spot.

The person was a chemist's servant, who swallowed a large quantity of the alcoholic solution by mistake for a liqueur, the poison having been accidentally left on the table by her master, who had been showing it as a curiosity to some friends. With respect to the conditions of other organs as connected with this affection, the following circumstances have been observed on di.ssection: A very curious state of the heart has been detected; this organ being found quite empty, without a particle of blood or congulum, conlrncted on its dimensions, and as it were puckered on itself. The first sound over the base of the heart is exceedingly feeble. But this is not altogether a correct statement of the fact. The sensibility of the lower limbs was much alterel, that of the upper limbs more slightly. But when the gullet is tied, the animal dies iu olive oil; it does not act at all in the solid state.

He walked into the Surgery, and there appeared little the matter with him beyond a contusion of the left knee, which was painful and tender, and a small contused wound over the left eye, and a still smaller one behind the ear of the same side.