If we could be sure of getting pure uncontaminated milk, it was better not to sterilize it. For the purposes of this article the name" cylindroid" will be dropped and that of casts applied to all simple forms of proteid coagulation showing by their form and characteristics that they represent moulds of the renal tubules.

The extent to which venesection should be carried ought to be carefully regulated by the circumstances of the case; it is not to be dreaded too much on the one hand, nor, on the other, pushed, by repetition, too far. And we do herebt fob Us, our Heirs and Successors, further grant unto the said CoUege, that these our Letters Patent, or the enrolment or exemplification thereof, shaU be in and by aU things, good, firm, valid, sufficient, and eflfectual in the Law, according to the true intent and meaning thereof, notwithstanding the not fully or not duly reciting the said several Letters Patent, or the dates thereof, or any other omission, imperfection, defect, matter, cause or thing whatsoever, the same or any Rule or Law to the contrary thereof, in anywise notwithstanding. Patient died four months after the operation from recurrence. The practical lesson is the precept that in the very earliest incipiency of disease of any of the joints of the lower extremity, the weight of the body should be taken off from the affected limb until the inflammation is resolved, though it may take months and years.

Or in some cases the mucous membrane is detached, as previously described. The passage of the current downward or upward makes every difference. Applied suddenly and but a few moments to the skin, it removes at once the caloric which was deposited, of a clean towel which follows, immediately restores the equilibrium, and the consequences already specified follow. We are often accused of giving too much weight to family records and too little to personal history and condition. A second question is: Why is it that so many patients with diseased uterine appendages get well with ordinary treatment?' Read before the New York Academy of Medicine. After one month the mare returned to work (ervaring). It is due to the elimination, of the muscular haemoglobin. In order to diminish the prolapse of the eyeball, parallel incisions were made to the inferior orbital rim from a point beyond the outer margin of the orbit to the side of the nose, following the line of a deep edge of the lower lid, Avhilst the lower inclosed the scarred tissue in the groove. Since finishing the inspection we have been engaged in studying the records in the office of the Surgeon-General.

Primary and Pats Examinations for tlie Diploma of Member are held during this TnniD Sunday after Easter.


They also differ in the fact that there is a successive crop, and that the time of their appearance may be extended over a considerable period. Numerous experiments were made with various animal tissues, such as submitting skin, stomach, intestine, muscle, and tendon, to the action of oxalic acid of different strengths. That a comparatively large number of men whose average age at death was eighty-two years, should have sprung from parents whose average age was but sixty-seven, appears startling, and that a larger number whose average age at death was fifty-five years, should have come from parents averaging sixty-six years, suggests some error of figures. Total paralysis appears at the end of forty-five minutes, and lasts twenty-five and onehalf hours, while the effects of the drug do not pass away entirely for seventy-four hours. "His relations with the institutions and societies with which he was connected were marked by a lively interest, on his part, in their welfare, and by the faithful and able discharge of the duties thereby assumed. But the most important biological principle as regards heredity is that the offspring derive their inheritance from their ascendants through the As to the parts played by the chromatin substance, by the nucleus as a whole, or by the cellular body, these are special questions into which I cannot enter here particularly as they and similar others are still awaiting final solution.

Occasionally there will be found great fore-shortening of the skin and deep soft tissues on the inner side of the foot, and it may be necessary to divide these tissues freely. One taken over by the government and accepted in the Dominion as a three-year school and run by the government ( He was a brave soldier, a brilliant surgeon, and a skilled life insurance medical director. Passing the braided silk through a piece of fine rubber tubing, which stands a good deal of chewing, has done better than anything else in my hands. Northern Tasmania holds three-fifths of the population of the State, and while the Southern and smaller population has five homoeopathic doctors (three in Hobart and two in country districts) the North is in the hands of one man. C, revieuw a model system for other places to copy. More than this, nearly all showed casts, either hyaline, epithelial, or granular, and a few even blood casts.

Been "ervaringen" transferred to the Bureau force at Buffalo, N. While the tuberculosis is a latent one and while there is either no expectoration at all or none containing any bacilli there is of course no danger ot infection through this source.

M'Lachlan has taken up this point.