Elliott, of the University of Cambridge. With an entire absence of nonsense, with rare humor and unfailing kindness, and with that delicacy of feeling characteristic of a member of the Brahmin class, he has permanently enriched the literature of the race. Members are requested to send notice of any Shropshirr and Mid-Wales Branch.- The spring meeting of this East Anglian Branch.- The annual general mesting of the East to read papers or contribute cases to the meeting, will communicate at once with Dr.

If combined with the liquor gutta-perchfe and some oil to make an emulsion, it would adhere to the skin. It is best to examine the sputa before breakfast, or rather after fasting during the night, for the reasons that less foreign material is likely to be present; and that probably the baciUi luxuriate more when the vital activities are comparatively dormant. But it must be admitted that a hard-and-fast line cannot be drawn between congenital cases where the constipation is secondary, and the commoner cases of acquired dilatation of the colon directly due to constipation.

Da Costa professes to have established a connection between certain degenerative changes in the ganglionic centers and both the renal lesions and scamadviser cardiac hypertrophy. SouTHET, in proposing a vote of thanks to the retiring of the office, and the discretion and readiness with which Dr.

The pain of the blow was very great, and the lad at once perceived that the person who had struck him now held only the handle of the hutton-hook. The prohibition causes a great loss to the farming community, for now they have nothing to mend their roads with, but the yellow clay of the country; still, it really is almost worth it for the fun of the thing. If yan's well, the doctors"Look at Doctor he telled me a bit sin he'd nobbut bled two men"in his life, and that he killed yan on em." He then went on to vetnaries, and concluded with blacksmiths.

He walked with stiffened legs, scraping his toes along the ground. At the instigation of the Scientific Grants Committee of the British Medical Association, Drs.

The paralysis of the bladder and rectum appears to be incomplete; the muscles concerned in the production of these important reflexes receive their motor supply from the fourth and fifth sacral segments. Fawcett, who was at first said to have diphtheria, but when the characteristic signs of typhoid fever showed themselves, it proved that he had not diphtheria at all, but a bad form of sore-throat, which occasionally accompanies typhoid fever, and has often Sore-throats produced by the action of some poisons are indistinguishable from diphtheria, except by their history. Reviews - the left ventricle was markedly increased in size; its cavity was not enlarged, but its walls were greatly thickened.

We cannot find that he has added anything to our knowledge of these questions, but his observations are sensible and occasionally suggestive. Its influence upon rheumatic processes is probably chiefly as an antipyretic. A sense of constriction of the head continued. The parts which suffer in the heart are the fibrous rings and valves, the endo- and pericardial linings, and occasionally the muscular substance. It is, however, right to remark that they receive fair treatment, considering that this is a general textbook of zoology and is not specially designed for the medical With the exception of a very brief introductory sketch of the structure and functions of the animal body the authors have wisely deferred all philosophical discussions and speculative matter to the end of the work, where we have chapters of the different phyla of the animal kingdom which for careful reasoning and theorising with a due regard to probability are truly admirable. Holmes, and I read you his reply to me, under date" I have rarely been more pleased than by your allusion to an old paper of mine. In this it will be obvious that they are mistaken; but although the flatulency is not to be entirely cured, but by mending the imbecility of the stomach by the means above mentioned; yet the flatulent distention of the stomach may be relieved by carminatives, as they are called, or medicines that produce a discharge of wind from the stomach; such are the various antispasmodics, of which the most effectual is the vitriolic aether. The specific structure of tubercle was made out, and it was shown that its presence was a source of irritation which resulted in a condition of localised inflammation, and that, as the tubercle gradually broke down, it infected the inflamed zone of surrounding tissue. A death-rate of any town of the same size in the United Kingdom. In an enormously distended, consequently paretic bowel, the danger of extravasation after puncture is great.

What, indeed, has been said with respect to the has been so much involved in a doubtful theory, that I find it difficult to select the facts that might properly and strictly apply to the latter.

There was slight improvement even in Cases IX and X, in which there were large cavities.