Extract allowed to evaporate, giving a fatty residue. Wood, of Philadelphia, moved to refer the nomination of standing committee to the Committees on Nominations. If the cells are to be plated again in plasma they need not be washed, but after centrifugalization can be suspended in the Locke's solution used to dilute the plasma.

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Swallowing then became less difficult and the strength returned gradually to his arms. Jrediieed by disease, will recover after the disease has left him, on the use of a much smaller quantity tem, though debilitated greatly, does not require as much sustenance as that of the hard laborer. - pyfer, Seattle Pres., Louis J. Have been examined and tried by most of the surgeons in the New England States, from whom certificates have been received, expressing their confidence in its superiority over every other truss now in use. The examinations were made since no other species besides punctipennis were fed on this case, a satisfactory explanation of the negative results cannot be made. Perhaps the absence of the big schools forces this upon us but to the credit of the west we must say that her sons do not grudge either the time or the money needed for these frequent trips. Hazard of Large Doses of Vitamin K In patients with liver disease, the hypoprothrombinemia does not improve significantly following the administration of even large doses of either of the most treacherous neoplasms encountered in The most common histological type of carcinoma observed was the clear cell type. Serum agglutinated pooled emul Several of these sera were tested against different strains and various pooled emulsions as shown in Table II. Speakers include Jeremiah Stamler, Director of Adult Health and Aging, Chicago Board of Health, and co-author of coupon Your Heart Has Nine Lives; Thomas Dawber, Medical Director of the Heart Disease Epidemiology Study, Framingham, Mass.; and Edwin Bierman, Chief, Metabolic Disease Service, Veterans Hospital, The symposium is open to physicians throughout William M. Also, the adequate carbohydrate intake required for three days prior to the performance of the test is occasionally neglected with a resulting overdiagnosis of diabetes. Its leaves have some resemblance to small oak leaves.