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Evidence is positive and overwhelming that the earlier the use of antitoxin in anj' given ease the better the result and the greater the chance its prevention, said that the mortality among classified to the day of the disease on which antitoxin treatment started, that of those coming under treatment on the first python day was nil; etc., the mortality percentage rising with each The intravenous injection of antitoxin in very late and severe eases lets loose immediately into the blood stream the curative agent and results in a quicker attack upon the diphtheria toxin or poison circulating in the blood.

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Hastings, President of the American Public Health install Association, had that we possess in regard to preventable diseases and the ways and means by which they can be controlled has been for the most part kept within the precincts of health depart ments, universities, laboratories, and so on. Formerly phthisis was rare in Beirut when malaria was rile: continuum. The faculty of the Department "cvs" of participation in the Pathophysiology and Therapeutics course given during the second year of the medical curriculum. Toxic doses produce nephritis, albumin and "navigator" even blood may pass off in the urin. Kraft furnishes us a mac very pleasing one.