In general this is slight, but occasionally severe and even "" continued. The season embraces the The climate of Aussee is very equable, high winds are almost unknown, and the air is moist and balsamic. Where the disturbance is chronic the initial cathartic is better omitted.

When we read, however (in the"Encyclopaedia Britannica"), that" the citron, sour orange, lemon, and lime grow wild" in Bermuda, that" the oleander bush, with all its beauty, is almost a nuisance," so profusely does it grow, and that" coffee, indigo, cotton, and tobacco are of spontaneous growth;" and when, moreover, we are told (by the writer in Appletons'. Des Concerning the class of invalids likely to be benefited by a stay at Biarritz during the winter months, it may be said that in the main they would be such cases as would be improved, or it may be even cured, by residence at the not far distant resort of Arcachon, to which reference has already been made in this article. He observed, also, a material Increase in the accommodation as related to the very significant remark that"hypermetropes, under the double advantage of smaller circles of diffusion and of easier tension of accommodation, lose for a time their asthenopia." The introduction of pilocarpine in ophthalmic therapeutics has made it practicable to keep up a moderate myotic action for an almost indefinite period, and with insignificant spasm of accommodation.

Of the Hospital Corps who first reaches the body, in order that other medical personnel may not the, original tags will remain on the body. Surgeons are especially recommended to purchasejt. He then to the introduction of some decomposed animal matter into the parturient canal. Rabies is diagnosed by the symptoms, presence of Negri bodies, lesions in the ganglia, animal inoculation and by the Diagnosis by the presence of Negri bodies. This disease must not be confused with epizootic lymphangitis, skin tuberculosis or skin actino mycosis. In doing this, the walls of several of the small cysts, of which the tumor was principally composed (being very thin), were ruptured by the pressure of my fingers, and a considerable quantity of thick, brown fluid, like dark-colored linseed tea, escaped. It is true, that when the secondary stage arrived the suppuration was of an unhealthy character, but I then made a secondary amputation of the thigh, and the patient bid fair to recover, and would no doubt have done so but for the extremely exceptional complication from amputation, tetanus, which, as has been stated, produced the fatal result. A young woman had suffered from procidentia uteri; the uterus had been ventrofixed by operation, but the procidentia recurred. In the majority of cases, however, the fixation is usually manifested in both tubes. Irritation of the sensitive nerves from cold bath often causes reflex movements, such as evacuation of bowels or bladder in typhoid patients. His reflexes varied from normal to exaggerated.

No haemorrhage follows, and abscess is very rare. One hundred and fifteen beds Starr Cadwallader, director of the Lake Division of the Red Cross during war times, was recently elected acting secretary of the Cleveland utilities, who was secretary of the hospital council Methodist Episcopal Church raising another conference of the church.