You have to go pretty carefully in getting a man's record from going over a hospital record. The Red Cross Hospital, which the Harvard School now controls, has the best appearance of any hospital we have seen in the east outside of Manila, though it is far too small. This paper has distinguished itself for its constant and persistent exposure of all kinds of quackery.

Again, an impacted fracture, or one in which there is no displacement, may exist without any crepitus or increased mobility of the part. The serious dangers are those of the heart and circulation, the general nutrition and probably, also, the nervous system. The clove hitch should be applied with the bight about the back of the wrist and the knot on the palmar surface to avoid compression of the vessels and to keep the hand extended.

All these, however, in the majority of cases, are simply u-eless. Incontinence of urine during the convulsion. Rigidity may be assisted by a corset splint, which shall fit closely to the sides and give equal though gentle pressure. I have said, that it was complained of as a quarter for troops, regiment shewed this. Following appointments in the Officers' Reserve Captain, W. This is dependent upon tension and not upon the kind of paraffin used. The deaths from cholera infantum, which will be found tabulated according to age and season, in mortuary the number of the summer previous, which was comparatively mild in temperature, and two-thirds greater than that of the summer of furnishing renewed evidence for the belief that a high temperature is the sole essential factor in the causation of this most fatal affection. During the night he slept well, but awoke with headache, from which he recovered almost completely. Williams, Miles and Chew," in a spirit that ill becomes one who sustained the relation to the Wharton trial that was occupied by Professor Reese. There are, however, said to be similar malformations to this on record, without any deviation in the usual axis of the heart. It is, however, more common to find several broken as the result of a violent contusion. The skill of the physician shall voucher lift up his head, and in the sight of great men he shall be in admiration. On bubo was coming on, and that he was Rice opened his bubo; but it was two months after this before he recovered.

It arises direct from the posterior aorta and passes down the anterior portion of the spermatic cord, making many flexions and convolutions, especially in its lower part just before reaching the testicle. And the crux of production is the question of fatigue. A, internal line of union; IJ, external line of union.

To avoid the evil effects of chill, of catarrhal states and to keep the kidneys in good order, few measures are superior to salt friction baths. The probang well lubricated is passed down with caution, and if any obstruction is met with, a moderately increasing pressure, with some give and take, may be tried. He review was still endeavoring to attend to his work, but with great difliculty.. He had a severe attack of diphtheria in childhood, since that time his health had not been good.

Faulty medical instruction is responsible for the fact that many medical men do not care if the ileo-cecal valve be competent or not. Now we have boys coming home from the front impossible of recognition, coming home to a mother who, with all the loving heart in the world, looks at her child with horror. Even after severe hemorrhage there remain enough blood elements to carry on body function.