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(d,) The pyrogenouB and phlogogenous substances of pus are (in part at least) contained in the pus serum. The evening passed pleasantly away in conversation between the students, of the Public Institutions; instrumental and vocal music enlivened the occasion, and the company place of residence for the present, at least. How the parietes of the vessels can yield so as to allow the that he could not imagine, and yet such ia American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Edited The kindness of the Editors has placed on onr Editorial table the bound volumes of the Journal of Obstetrics from its commencement. The symptoms are giddiness, exhaustion, tremor, nausea, vomiting, feeble circulation, and fainting, difficult breathing, accompanied by convulsions and followed by coma, death taking place by apnoea, the heart beating after the breathing has ceased. There is very much more resistance in the fibrous capsule to strain of the suture upon it from without inward than from within The transverse loop bears the principal strain, and in one form of my suture lays exposed on the outside of the fibrous In the article entitled" Nephropexy for Prolapse of the Kidney," in the International Medical Magazine for March, Tests made upon the kidney of a dead animal (the sheep, for instance) with sutures inserted in this manner, show that they will withstand a great deal more strain before tearing out than the transverse suture.

After some months the fowls were killed and the sacs removed. Encouraging results have also been reported in the human subject. It should hardly be used in the third or at the end of the second stage of the disease, or by patients whose symptoms have become general, or are of long duration, or by those who" If tuberculosis is very frequently curable in its organic manifestations, as curable, indeed, as ordinary diseases, it is nevertheless a diathetic disease of which the system rids itself but slowly; recurrence of the symptoms is often to be dreaded, although, with the treatment here proposed, it is postponed farther, and becomes less and less serious.

Reeves to inspire his fellow citizens with a desire to be healthy, wealthy and wise, and to show In a very attractive-looking volume of all quarters a great mass of information on sanitaiy questions, skilfully chosen, well arranged, and certain to be useful to all into whose hands it may fall. It may, however, be accomplished by an incision over the sacrum, with the removal of part of that bone, after the manner practised by Kraske in cases of cancer of the rectum. Judging from the experimental work on the lower animals, as well as the finding at operation or autopsy of an atrophic kidney due to the occlusion of the ureter by a stone or some other pathologic condition, it would seem to be justifiable in man. When effusion takes place the most constant symptom is dyspnea. Appeared in the right side, over the lower margin of the ribs.

DIABETIC AFFECTIONS OF THB BYB. The f ontanelles are widely open long after they should be closing up. OF THE POWER WHICH SUPPORTS OR PRESERVES HEALTH. Chouippe On recovering from these complicated distresses, the patient sued M. Whatever be the explanation, the fact is undeniable, and is a just matter of complaint, that scholarship, as a qualification for the satisfactory exercise of our profession, has generally been much less appreciated, than in the case of any other pursuit, whose resources and processes can be made available only by direct intellectual effort. Perroud has described a form of phthisis affecting boatmen on the Ehone, who, from constant strain, sustain a kind of chronic trauma of the lung. No history of passage of gall stones.

Van Alstyne, Richmondville Ezra Lawyer, Cobleskill Henry D. At one time the flagellated forms were regarded by many observers as moribund organisms in their death agony, the whole series of remarkable phenomena exhibited by them being supposed to have no reference to the life hypothesis on the regularity with which exflagellation occurs in all varieties b, free microgamete; c, fecundation of the macrogamete; d, of the parasite, and on the suggestive fact that it occurs only when the parasite is removed from the human body, published the view that the flagellated body was no moribund organism, but that it had reference to the extracorporeal phase of the parasite. The bath-tubs are commodious, and when filled completely cover the patient with the exception of the head, which rests upon a broad baud of welting stretched across the end of the tub. 2017 - the duration varied from a lew days to two weeks or more. As a physical being, man, and all other organized bodies, depends upon certain primary elements or principles, so blended together as to produce the different varieties of matter which we behold in the material world. Second digest of advanced discoveries and Improvements In the medical and of Therapeutics and Materia Medlca In the Jefferson Medical College Physician to the Oul-Patlent Medlcul Department of the.liH.ison Physical Diagnosis: Diseases of the thoracic and abdominal and Associate Professor of Therapeutics In the University and Beilevue Twenty-fifth Annual Report of the New Jersey.State Hoard of Yellow fever is reported to be epidemic in Orizaba, a city on the line of the Mexican railroad, between Vera Cruz and Mexico City.

Rosenfeld" has also rejiorted a case in which the treatment of lymphatic leukemia with arsenic caused an evident decrease in the size of the lymph glands, but a marked increase in the number of circulating My primary object in taking up this subject is that during this year I have had under observation a very interesting case of lymphatic leukemia. But in the present age, we should not stop here; and therefore, a few miscellaneous facts will be added, on any of the vital organs, besides the stomach, is likely to be soon fatal; but why is it only fatal in the stomach when the whole and iced water, it is generally done gradually and in moderation; but are there no accounts of accidents where the poor in great cities, in warm countries, use American ice, or their own countries, the water of their springs is not cool enough to do mischief; such water being of the medium temperature of their warm climate: and hence, they can only suffer when Northern Arctic regions, some of the inhabitants living on oily the Arabs are said to be averse to drinking much of anvthinoin warm weather; and all observing persons use the same hard biscuit and hard crusts, in order to (ill the mouth with remain long enough in his warm bath to read there, and (I think it is said) at times to take a nap there. The court in reaching its conclusion made no apparent effort to reconcile the testimony of the parties; in fact.

Suppose a man has disease of the antrum highmorianum, there is a great swelling of the face but no inflammatory discoloration; suppose a man has disease of the frontal sinuses, there is a large swelling but it is colorless; it itself the seat of disease. An interesting phenomenon observed in lead colic is the occasional disappearance of sulphocyanide of potassium from the saliva, and its return on subsidence patients exhibit a well-marked blue line close to the margin of the gums and teeth, a physical sign of considerable diagnostic importance, but often absent in young subjects whose gums are sound and whose teeth are kept clean by brushing. The association was founded for these objects: To promote the general welfare of sufferers from epilepsy; to stimulate the study of the causes and methods of cure of this disease; to advocate the care of epileptics in institutions where they may be educated, acquire trades and be treated by the best medical skill for their malady, and to assist the various States in making proper provisions for this class.