He said that the self-constituted doctor and the empiric were rapidly passing away and their places were being filled by competent, intelligent, educated men. He has edited Lees Physiology, a work formerly in extensive use in our schools; Elements of Geology, Copeland's Medical Dictionary, Pereira on Food and Diet, and many other works. To day it had become a well recognized specialty in almost all schools, and through the work of this association the position of orthopa'dy had become assured, had been taken from the hands of the quack and the instrument-maker, and placed in the domain of scientific research.

The region, which contains the submaxillary and anterior triangle lymphatic glands, is thus exposed, but to expose the submental glands, the skin of the chin and beneath it must be undercut, and pulled to the of so much tissue of the cheek. It is only the occasional case of these diseases that has an incubation period longer than two weeks. Such obstruction, lasting over a period of years, invariably precipitates that fibrotic process, which is an associate of the later years of life, and the occurrence of a septic condition of the bladder, which in turn leads to a suppurative change in the kidney, is only an incident. The ground floor xx ill include, in addition to the grill, quarters for a variety of uses, among them a music room, a photographic darlc room, a carpentry and hobby shop, rooms available for offices for The Subcommittee on School Health of the Connecticut State Medical Society, after extensive study, has recommended that a Connecticut Advisory Council on School Health be appointed jointly by the State commissioners of education and health. Reaching Lawrence the excursionists were met by Drs.

This confession of faith found undivided acceptance at the the majority of the homoeopaths then living declared themselves in agreement with it, and at this day, every true homoeopath can subscribe to it without hesitation; and with it the severance of Homoeopathy from the person of Hahnemann had become a fait accomjjli. The tortuous course is a wellknown symptom of arterio-sclerosis, although the mild degrees so common in the temporal arteries have no pathological significance. The members of the council contribute a small proportion of their budgets to the support of the council which maintains an office and a secretary. The attachment of the pedicle to the cyst is more easily broken than any one Avould mistrust who has not attempted its separation in the manner described, and I am confident that the same efforts Avhich are made to break up the adhesions to the peritonaeum, omentum, and other parts, if extended to the pedicle, anmII be equally successful. Let the fibrous mesh of the mammary gland become infiltrated with cells, as it invariably will under the influence of prolonged irritation; let these cells change into connective tissue, as they invariably will do under the same influence, and we have a tumor that will be fibrous or sarcomatous according to the slowness or rapidity of the process. A heart, hypertrophied in consequence of valvular lesion, does not completely restore the normal balance of the circulation.

Preparations from the peritoneal exudate of mice dying as the result of inoculation, stained by Gram's method and counterstained with safranine, show both types grouped in pairs and short chains. This is not exactly what one has been led somehow to expect from faculty or students in Europe, and is not the less interesting for So would seem to go another relic of conservatism, but they have them at Vienna to spare and can afford to let one go occasionally.

But the effort, imperfect as it is, is given to the profession, hoping it may prove of service to some and an incentive to many to the more careful study of diseases of the nervous writing a medical paper, which I hope was no more egotistic than any article must be that expresses the writer's own opinions, I of" broad falsehoods" contained in my paper. According to their director of safety and personnel, the reports revealed so many weaknesses in the defense against accidents, and proved could be attributed to the helpfulness of their comparative monthly reports. It was finally voted that the Chairman of the Council appoint a special subcommittee of three members of the Coucil to study the proposals of the Hartford County Medical Association and report to the Council at its next meeting. McCosh said that he had been surprised to find in certain recent articles an inclination to the use of full doses of opium and a tendency against the use of cathartics. ; and Lind, in particular, of typhusinfected ships, which continued to impart this disease long after the original sick had been removed. Next, obviously, is the education of the worker and in regard to this point the author emphasizes the need for individual instruction in place of the repetition of slogans which after a time"have no more weight than do the prayers which Mohammedans in India print on long strips of paper and wind up on a wheel in lieu of reciting them." Finally and most important of all is the question of"personal audit and adjustment," and"a mental post mortem on every accident case that Mr. She, however, had great difficulty in taking the diet, and for the last few days lived mainly on milk, beaten up egg, and plasmon.


They produce a slight hypnotic effect, and diminish sensibility to pain and the reflex excitability of the cord.

It has become a science so intimate and far reaching, with ambitions so altruistic and benevolent that the public cannot be blamed for being somewhat loth to accept its seemingly Only by a wide tolerance of every "" type of public health effort to improve our people may we hope to reach even Detroit Corrects Postural and Foot Defects POSTURE and foot conditions exert an important influence on health.

John Winslow, a member of SECTION OF SURGERY AND ANATOMY.