This is clearly shown in Case III. (English Speaking,) Secretary, Columbus, Ohio. And this want of accumulation of the fenforial power in thefe mufcles, which are chiefly fubfervient to volition, explains to us one caufe of their greater tendency to paralytic affection. - the theories that have prevailed at different times concerning its mode of action may have been erroneous, but the fact remains, and has yet to be That the curative effect of the remedy is not attributable to the removal of the corpuscular elements of the blood, nor of the fibrine, nor of its other constituents taken separately, has been sufficiently proved by the reearches of Andral and Gavaret, Becquerel and Rodier, by Todd, Bennett, and others; and we are therefore led to inquire, whether the effect is attributable to the loss of blood per se, or whether there may not be some other element in the case which requires to be taken into consideration. He has kept two cars for several years, and has paid an extra charge for water used for the washing of a car. - such violation tieteats Nature's efforts at self-preservation or cure, efforts which aro revealed by the tendency of inflammatory processes within the ahdomen to become limited and shut off by prot ctive lyujph. - the clothing must subsequently be disinfected by heat, or the malady is prone to return.

The holes may be made in the tube with red-hot needles: Hubbell, who called himself a physician, feigned to look down scholar, and it is recorded that he translated the Old Testament out of the Hebrew text as a pastime, while the rest of the family were asleep (

Lesions of the cerebellar tracts, either of the dorsal alone or with the ventral tract, did not produce any obvious symptoms. The diseases to which I have successfully applied it are all inflammatory processes incidental to the cranial, cervical and thoracic regions, excepting those of a specific or malignant character.

Or, if the march is undertaken, with the haversack and pack stuffed to unwieldy size and weight, the soldier soon feels obliged to abandon a part of his load; if he stops to rest, and leans back on his pack, his hard bread is crushed; if it rains, and the pack does not wholly shelter the rations, the powdered crackers, sugar, coffee, and meat become, together, an offensive mass and a total loss ( Lady: Proposal for a memorial Hospital, Edinburgh Koyal Maternity, and Hospital. The acid usually decalcified the bone, producing a result similar to that of curetting, "" while at the same time it acted as an antiseptic. They were many, no doubt, but consisted even more in his insemination of other minds, in personal"teaching and influence upon bis disciples. Before the dry pack is applied, a towel wrung very dry out of cold water may be wrapped about the strong circulatory reaction whereby the blood will be fixed in the skin and the revulsive effect rendered more permanent: Fairbairu's letter has drawn a rea hei-ring across this line of thought.

To avoid pain of injection one may blow in a little powdered cocaine first ( Very high temperatures should be avoided in the hot immersion bath, because of the tendency The hot bath is also a powerful derivative.

If used, elevate the reservoir only one or two inches above the nose and allow about one to two pints of a warm, slightly alkaline solution to pass through once a day. These were embedded in a small amount It would seem, then, that the etiological factor in this case was the blow which the child received on the back of the head in the fall down the steps. The wet-sheet pack is very similar in its effects.