Cholecystectomy is the operation of choice in the vast majority of cases in which surgery is indicated; where there is evidence of extensive liver and biUary tract infection as well, it is far wiser, if surgery is to be done, to employ, cholecystostomy, possibly followed later by cholecystectomy; There must be innumerable cases of subacute or chronic pancreatitis usually associated with gallbladder disease, and of functional disturbances, which are never suspected ( In the mildest variety the skin of the palms and soles is often most affected, and in such cases manual labour is often performed with difficulty and taken as an example of an easily injured skin. Just prior to thn advent of this treatment she was having from two to three attacks weekly, and her strength was fast The only internal treatment is a tablet of Bismuth betanaphthol comp. Naturally, the greatest improvement was observed in the first and second stages; when cavities exist and the expectoration is purulent, the effects were either negative or very slight.

Suspension; hanging jaundice with enlargement of the Hansen'scher Bacillus, m. An ophthalmoscopic examination reveals injection of the retinal vessels, and tlie conjunctivae are often suffused. This kind of grass is not seed-bearing, and is somewhat rank, but it is, at all events, good green food, and instead of a considerable portion of the grass being comparatively wasted, a large area can be saved to produce hay. There may have been trauma of the omentum, or abrasions of the parietal peritoneum from too vigorous retraction or other causes, or the operator may have put his patient to bed feeling secure that she is ().

If the wound is very deep or extensive it may be beneficial, after thoroughly cleansing the foot, to apply a hot bran or flaxseed poultice. These may be due to scratches caused by nails, barb-wire or some similar accident, and again they may have been caused by sores, tumors, or other bad quality of the blood. The dose for a child a year old will be one grain, two years old two grains; then adding one grain for each two years will come near the proper dose. His discussion of the quality of percussion sounds is practically a statement that sounds have different qualities. At the end of this time a layer of undigested, mucus-like material was found at the bottom of the vessel. The bladder is frequently paralyzed, incontinence of urine occurs, bed-sores form, and a well-marked marasmus is developed.

It most frequently affects the articulations, they bea ewoUen, tender and painful; one or more may be affectj at the same time, usually not more than two, and amount of swelling, discoloration and pain, varies different cases; sometimes the tenderness and pain aJ exquisite, at others it is not very marked; the articalatij is in some cases entirely useless, motion or pressure giv rise to severe suffering; at others, tliough lame, it drupsy, it being yary evident that the enlargement nearly so mobile as before.

Various anecdotes are extant of the force of habit and power or memory characteristic of the horse, some of which traits were of rather an embarrassing nature to their possessors, as, when the animal always made a point of stopping at certain inns, or publichouses on the road, which were the regular places of call of former usual round without his driver, accidentally absent from his duty; master indulged within the house of entertainment, until a certain period had elapsed, when the animal, convinced that no more time ought to be wasted, would paw at the door with his hoof. So I have sacrificed elegance of diction to concisement of statement and have preferred the thunderous roll of Johnsonionpollysyllables with directness and brevity to the tedious circumlocution and triteness of phraseology that would be necessary to the employment of more current colloquialisms. The experiments observations embracing fifteen successive days, subdivided into three stages of equal length. Postmortem degenerative changes are found and acute yellow atrophy may follow intense toxemia.

The diseases induced by them are all transmitted by contact; they are indefinite in duration, and are purely local; giving rise to little constitutional disturbance, however extensively The diseases caused by vegetable parasites are ringworm, favws, tinea versicolor, erythrasma, tinea imbricata, actinomycosis, and mycetoma. The patient should be kept in bed for some time should be increased to include green vegetables, later eggs, fish, and meat. In his studies of the fissures and convolutions of primates and other gyrencephalic animals, he has examined not only the external shape, but he has also made a great number of sections of brains of all classes and inspected the relations to the central ganglia, tlie nature of the microscopical elements in the neighborhood of fissures, and the results of vivisectional experiments and pathological facts, with the view to estimating the true value of fissures, convolutions, and lobes. In the cerebrospinal system, nerves are divided into two riiiMiffi: mail.

While some observers hold that such drugs stimulate the gastric mucous secretion to a greater extent, thus interfering with the proper digestion of albuminoid matters, others believe that such an increase of the gastric juice does not really exist as a result of the action of bitters.

Her complaints were low, scarcely audible, her respiration painful when deep; turning from side to side increased her pain, although when the paroxysm occurred she turned sometimes on her face. The first attack may last several weeks, or even months. Also Menstrual- and Menstruations - eintritt, m. Complicated subject, and the following remarks are for general guidance only.

Diseases of the Genito-TJrinary System.

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