The reviewer recalls the papers of the late Dr. The prosecution of the inquiry on this philosophical hasis may raise a monument to his fame, which shall match if not overshadow the labours of Louis on a kindred suhject, and possibly merge them into a higher generalization. Knowing as well as I do the dangers of the hot-water bag, I believe one must bear these cases in mind and be on one's guard not to do unintentional harm to the innocent by a too speedy We will next take up what ha? been designated as"family pemphigus,"' because it has in the past almost always been classed as a form of pemphigus. Of lumbus.) The Loin or Loins, Re'gio lum'balis, Lap'ara, Pso'a, plural Pso'm, Os'phys, Reins, reddit (F.) Lombes. The patient had had a fall from a considerable height, and asserted that ever since he had been unable to use his arm.

The circumstance which distinguishes this form of bronchial respiration from that which depends upon pleuritic effusion is this, that the fine crepitation of the earlier stage of pneumonia may always be heard at a greater or less distance from the spot in which"If the bronchial tubes alone be the seat of the inflammation, the rales produced are subcrepitant, that is, are distinguished by large bubbles instead of the fine crackling of pneumonia; they are at other times hissing or snoring, and are heard both with the inspiration and expiration. This pain! well enough to get up, and, after doing so, on attempting Aalk across the room was seized with an agonizing pain (he right inguinal region. Urine: acid; heavy trace of albumin; urobilin; several hyaline, few granular casts; moderate red and white cells. At the death of his father, in of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. - induration of the Are'olar or Cf.l'lulah Tissue, Indura'tio eellulo'sa, Induratio seu Oppila'tio te'lse cellulo'sx neonato'rum, Ethmyphntylo'sis, CEde'tna neonato'rum, Compact' QSde'ma of Skin'bind, Skin'tight, Hide'bonnd, (F.) Endnrcissement du tissu cellulaire; CEdhne du tissu cellulaire des nouveau-nS.s, Asphyxie lente des nouveaune"s, Squirrosarque, is a disease which attacks infants a few days after birth, and which Chaussier proposed to call Scterhne, from oKXvm,' hard.' The Induration of the areolar tissue of the adult, Sclerosteno'sis cuta'nea, has been regarded as the result of inflammation of the corium, Chorion!''tis. Starr hystero epilepsy or upon the hysterical state. The attention of Pathologists was soon directed to this point. Currier inquired if any of those present could inform him what was the effect of distilled water upon children and youth, particularly as regards the lack of salts, of which the water was deprived by the process of Dr. The ear symptoms in brain tumor lelate principally to the labyrinth and the auditory nerve, and consist of subjective sounds and varying degrees of deafness.

This, he believed, was a point which should not be lost sight of. The conditions referred to, which were doubtless familiar to most of those present, were those which are generally regarded as essential to establish that any vegetable organism is the cause of a given infectious disease. The essence or condition of a NA'TURISM, Nat'uralism.

Pleural and, gatherings of lluld, Pericorneal is an infant, unusual case of, Periostitis ami (isteltls. Observation proves that the presence of bacilli in the testes of husbands of women who are found suffering from tuberculosis of the fallopian tulies should not be regarded as being positive evidence that the disease has been the result of tran.smission of bacilli from the husbands, for such infection of the male genital organs may have fint of Baltimore, feels sure that coitus has nothing to do with tuberculous infection, and has never seen a case due to that cause. And had recurrences of tuberculous glands. The voice appears to pass immediately up to the ear "legit" of the auscultator. It also explains why we have trouble in delivering the placenta in many instrumental cases. The results, so far as life is concerned, are better by this method.

Vaccination on the commencement of the variolic eruption; variola modified; vaccine eruption appearing only after the desquamation of the variola, and modified like it. The less post-operative inflammation, the more rapidly regeneration proceeds. The emetic properties of ipecacuanha were found to be counteracted by animal charcoal: and the antidote was found equally successful with elaterium, tincture of aconite, aconitine, belladonna, stramonium, hemlock, cantharides, and other vegetable poisons, as well as The success of these experiments had induced the lecturer to try the efficacy ofanimal charcoal as an antidote for the mineral poisons, and with several of them he had found that when given in a large quantity it was more successful than the antidotes usually recommended.

Lord Bacon invariably fell into a syncope during a lunar eclipse. An appendix containing notes regarding these preparations would not be inadvisable. The anatomical structure of these formations is minutely removed by Spencer Wells. It lies under the epidermic coats of the yolk, and coupon upon its proper coat. It review is the cause of colour in all bodies, being entirely reflected by white surfaces and absorbed by black.