In the second case, as in the first, the administration of the aconitum was quickly followed by the cessation of the morbid symptoms; the pains produced by moving the arm were of such intensity as to draw cries from the patient; and to remove it, and to restore the functions of the arm to their normal state No unpleasant effect grains ot the extract, repeated for three days; only at the end of this time, the stools began to be frequent, when all medicines were suspended.

In two of the cases, as the streptococcus was the only organism found, they concluded that the presence of the streptococcus was "code" due to the secondary infection which was laid open by the lesion in the throat, and that the true scarlatinal contagium was probably present on the skin.

On opening one of the fibrinous cysts to expose the hydatid, I cut away to a small extent the front of the hydatid also, in the hope that the exact relation of the two textures might thus be exhibited to advantage.

As many more with a mild form of the disease were cared for in the school-hospital. The peels are used in tinctures, infusions, and The root of the CKtorea Ternatea, of the natural order LeguminosaB. The first application of the ligature for the prevention of hemorrhage was the result of an instinct rather than of reasoning.

I will at present deal only, in discussing "coupon" my subject, with the mechanical treatment by means of braces, but in dismissing the other forms of treatment thus briefly I do not wish to be misunderstood that I do not use less flexible by exercises and forcible correction if previously" fixed." for lateral curvature, I have found omit the consideration of many of the which are so inanifestly ill adapted to meet the requirements of modern treatment from their weight, complicated construction, and costliness, that I will simply consider a few With the Shaffer brace, in the few cases that I have used it, I have not felt convinced that a sufficiently firm base of support or grip on the pelvis was obtained by the webbing straps that surround it, and the difficulty in fitting it perfectly and its cost rendered its applicability limited to that class of cases which were in comfortable The heat of our summers and the warmth of the removable plaster-of-Paris jacket, its limitation of muscular activity, and the necessity of applying a new jacket for every improvement in the curve, has necessitated the employment of this form of support in those of my cases only where economy was an aim, and in cases which seem to have reached a point where little improvement can be effected, and the chief object of treatment is to hold the cases and prevent their getting worse. The immediate results of the operation are excellent, but as no case of pregnancy after the operation has been reported, the crucial test of its value has not yet been applied. The surface of the ulcer is grayish, or grayish brown, sometimes livid brown, elevated into loose, fungous vegetations, discharging a foetid, corroding sanies or ichor, and bleeding slightly upon irritation, a. Prisoner said she would learn him better than to put her out of the house, as she had as good a right to be there as he.

Alcohol, says the writer, is a good test of inherent neural stability. He reported two cases of puerperal infection treated successfully by the use of diphtheria antitoxin serum. The mania that exists for precocious education and marriage causes the years that nature designed for intellectual vigor, to be wasted in the restraints of dress, the school, and the ballroom. It is usually diaphanous, very delicate, and forming a complete adventitious membrane. Being found at the lowest elevations, and therefore most accessible from the plains, it is often employed as a substitute for deal. Given other cases and he finds himself upon surer footing.

Three upper, outer quadrant of the right breast. And reported an interesting case. Coxe the following: lapse of time, brought down to the eventful" I now proceed to a concise statement of the events connected with the last act of this drama, which terminated on the third of February last, by the removal, by the trustees, of the professor of materia medica. Occasionally, organisms isolated from human cases have produced leukopenia with granulocytopenia in experimental animals, but not in a manner comparable to the syndrome as seen With the foregoing history, the diagnosis is made by the blood count, of which the white count is most important. This department then sends it to the State Health Department for review his spouse, legal guardian, or adult child may sign for him; or he may make his mark and have it properly witnessed. He is reported as having declared that sea water was superior to artificial serum for physiological purposes, bv;t we do not see that he supports the view that chlorosis is the result of poison ing by the retention of certain products whicli normally are counteracted by the internal secretion of the tiiymus discount gland or that of the ovary, and that it occurs during an" interregnum" which is the result of premature atiophy of the thymus or the delayed assumption of functional activity by the ovaries. Although we had no post mortem evidence of the character of those lesions which may be supposed to have taken place in this case, yet it appears to me there can be but little doubt that this man perished from phlebitis, propagated slowly along the veins of the cord.

But more frequently the discharge increases, after irregularly prolonged, and more or less slight intervals; the patient loses his flesh, and becomes paler; his strength is impaired; dyspnoea increases; and, in some cases, the affection either runs into humoral asthma, or the quantity of expectoration is augmented so as to exhaust his energies, and to occasion suffocating paroxysms of cough. All surgeons agree, I think, that thorough debridement is indicated, but there is considerable disagreement over what should follow this in the handling of compound Personally, I feel that no compound fracture received during battle should be closed, and very few should be closed in civil life unless done by experts of long experience. Surprised at these appearances, I was at a loss to account for them, On my first visit, I perceived an unusual and very disagreeable smell, and looked around to discover the source; but every thing within and without bespoke the neatness and cleanliness of a respectable English family.

With the concomitant means recommended, the bowels may be opened by a purgative medicine, combined with some warm antispasmodic and and these may be given, at intervals, subsequently. In patients with a tubercular tendency the treatment was apt to be somewhat more tedious than in others. The fresh juice of the leaves mixed, with a little honey, is used The Saccharum Officinarum, of the natural order Granunaceae, is a native of India, and is also eulti stem yields an abundance of sweet juice, which, being strained, and boiled down to a dark thick consistence, constitutes the goor or jaggery of this country, very much used in place of sugar. In such cases there is no actual difference in the proximate cause of the abolition of function, but only in the compressing body whereby abolition of function motion from the action of narcotic poisons, or breathing deleterious gases, there is also little actual difference from several of the apoplectic functions of the lungs have, in the case of breathing deleterious gases, been primarily affected; for the chief lesion is to be referred to the state of nervous energy and vascular action in the brain, its circulation being retarded, and its vessels congested with dark blood.

M'Cormac at length arrives at the true explanation of the latent and He then attempts to appreciate the true relation of these local affections to fever, and to consider whether there be any evidence to determine the question as to their being constant, or as to their giving rise to the symptoms of the disease.

The malaria and menstrual disturbance yielded promptly to treatment, but the abdominal pain continued, and gradually the ileus symptoms became more and more pronounced.

The water then acquired an abundant scum for some distance above the dam, and at the points of entrance of the three sewers a distinctly unpleasant odor was perceptible.