As he turned the bed covers back are under consideration. The beginning practitioner of medicine would have to learn his the veterinarian would have to learn them on the animals of his clients. The areas here were larger and the process appeared older than that on the abdomen.

W"e may well ask the lav press to" Pity the poor giving au acoouut of the investigations of the oomuiitteo with tlic intent to obtain an objective measurement of tlie gloss of paper. In children the ribs were so close together that removal of a portion of the ribs was usually required. The bath is prepared by using the Travenol Concentrate.

Electrodes, which will not give consistent, consecutive, or dupKcate results with plasma, will appear perfect when rechecked against standard phosphates. .A full report will be presented at the tor HM.A operations. After injecting each trunk there was a total loss of sensation and of motion in all the parts supplied by the brachial plexus.

There were three It was moved, seconded, and passed that the school health pamphlet be disseminated to the membership. Kelly is also a fellow of the American College of Kelly Medical Corporation, Dr. Presumably the refractory state which follows the impulse is prolonged sufficiently by quinidine so that the advancing impulse falls on unresponsive tissue and is extinguished.

There was opportunity in thst where dusty operations are carried on to a large eb tent, to ventilate them on the best principles. This is the argument which used to be used in favor of the old plan of not having a graded course but compelling the students to listen to the same course of lectures in On the other hand, it can be seen that there wonid be certain advantages in deferring the systematic lectures until towards the end of the course, aad then devoting them mainly to subjects which had not been illustrated in previous clinical teaching; but to make this plan a success it would be necessary that the systematic lecturer should either have given all the clinical instruction, or should be perfectly familiar with all A possible modification of this plan would be to let two professors divide the field of work, each taking a certain class of diseases and injuries, giving clinical instruction thereon and supplementing it with systematic teaching as above suggested, and then the two men exchanging fields of work each year. Robert Pulliam was the guest speaker for the society's In addition to Dr. In the new edition the method ot description of each operation followed in earlier editions Jias been preserved, and, indeed, extended.

They unhesitatingly expressed the opinion that the disease was smallpox, and the health officer, although not convinced, promised to take all possible precautions in the way of quarantine and disinfection. In other words, to endeavor to stimulate the efforts of nature in the production of the consecutive layers of fibrin that characterize nature's cure. In such a subculture, family-social obligations are usually placed above individual needs, while great value is placed on achievement. The case then presented the following data: A patient with history of severe and repeated hemorrhages by stool and vomitus with the blood characteristic of a secondary anaemia of the chlorotic"type without leukocytosis, with no general lymphatic enlargement; tuberculosis, leukaemia, or amyloid disease. Bacilli in large numbers in cells in the tuberculous portions of the.'pleen. The increasing incidence of esophagitis, diaphragmatic and hiatal hernia, rates an increased bibliography, indicating an aroused interest in these conditions by radiologists everyday management of esophageal and gastric diseases. - it thoroforo appears desirable to regard tho urine as the chief source of infection in Weil's disease, a matter of groat importance from the point of view of prophylaxis. A large amount of albumin, by which I mean onehalf per cent, or more, is found in the urine only in the early stage of acute nephritis, the active stage of subacute (or chronic parenchymatous) nephritis, and, sometimes, in the chronic diseases complicated with these. Make night service longer and day service shorter, bat break the night service in two parts, with one hour's suspension of dnty between. Where there was time he preferred to withdraw some of the fluid with the hypodermic syringe and have it While he used ether in general work, in these cases be preferred the use of a few whiffs of chloroform which appeared in these cases to have a peculiarly happy effect. The wound is invariably painted with mastisol wound Secondary infection and death from meningitis is very apt to follow drained laminectomy wounds when incontinence of urine or faeces is present.