We hope the Editor's labors will be appreciated. Indeed I think we may fairly attribute much of the fatality which attended the old flap operation to the size of the wound; and it is strange that, during all the years in which that operation was exclusively practised, the fact that the lens may be readily extruded through a much smaller though similar incision, should not have attracted notice until a comparatively introduced into this country; and illustrated by a woodcut in an iridectomy, but afterwards the iridectomy was dispensed with in favourable cases; and latterly, for reasons already given, I have adopted the lower form of incision.

The internal jugular vein must be more or less compressed at the phenomenon is due, wholly or in part, to the obstructed return of blood from the head. Arthur Farre's definition contained in the" Nomenclature of Diseases," which is, that" Puerperal fever is a continued fever communicable by contagion, occurring in connection with childbirth, and often associated with extensive local lesions, especially of the uterine system." To this definition this very important note is added," In returning cases of puerperal fever the more important local lesions, such as peritonitis, effusions into serous and synovial cavities, phlebitis, and diffusive suppuration, should be specified." Mr.

Abdominal section was performed and the intussusception found.

Very occasionally fissure is met with in patients who say that their bowels always act two or three times a day without medicine. Sayre, who divided both plantar fascia, with, however, no good efleet.

The epidermic layer was only present in the centre of the portion examined when the cut had reached deep enough to meet it, and it was at the junction of this layer with the tissue on which it lay that Guy's Hospital, commenced the use of chloral among his outpatients in August last, for cases of sloughing wounds and fetid ulcers, and bemg pleased with the result, he has since given it a somewhat extensive trial in the wards. Mayer's data are derived from the statistics relative to the Christian and Jew populations of Furth for a period of ten years. From en, out of, and EOCHYMO'SIS. There may perhaps be displacement of oxygen, and substitution of these carburetted gases, and sequential modification in the shape of the globules. Ton'ica, Phlogop'yrut, Oauma, Calentwa continua, (F.) Fievre araente, species of continued fever, characterized by increased heat; and by quick, strong, and seris hard pulse; urine high-coloured; disturbance of mind slight. The ataxic both in the upstrokes and downstrokes, the unequal size of the letters, ami a paretic tremor most visible in the unshaded lines. Murmur, nor even on its exact seat, for the diagnosis of valvular disease. It is also recommended in cases of pleural hydatids, hremothorax, hydropneumothorax, and as a palliative in cancerous pleurisy and empyema occurring in connection with phthisis pulmonalis. The quivering of the eyelids, and resistance to opening them, the voluntary action of numerous muscles, even those rooat rigid, demonstrate that he possesses consciousness, and employs volition, always however so morbidly developed as to preclude the idea of feigning or deception. Eruption either upon the outer or inner Hkbpbb Pubtttlo'bub.

Water, Protoxide of Nitrogen, Aquanitrogenii avis protoxydi.

Slight causes disturb and greatly accelerate it. Enemata have frequently proved useful in effecting the reduction of an intussusception; to be of service they must be administered early and copiously. In Chemistry, the distillation of erfahrungen ABUTILON.

It is only by the aid of the hammer, the chisel, and the knife, that we can obtain the thin shell of bone which represents, as it were, the mould of the contained cavities.

Posteriorly there was clear percussion note as low as one inch below angle of scapula, and respiratory murmur the anterior chest resonance was clear and normal, but still slight dulness at base posteriorly. On the morning of the day of his death he called for food, and ate a hearty meal, and from that time he seemed to be in duties of that profession, and, secondly, having done so, it is incumbent on him to divest himself, as far as possible, of every engagement which may interfere with his bending his thoughts and attention to the various anxious, difficult, and often perplexing questions which are continually arising in the course of his professional practice. During the twenty years, several organisms were credited with the disease, when their presence was aocidejital rather than essential. Erfahrung - the last named affection, we believe, never occurs among the wealthy, but seems always to be confined to children of the poor, and to be dependent upon defective nutrition, bad air, and a cachectic habit of the body; whereas cancrum oris is occasionally met with among children of the wealthier In the treatment of the disease. Marshall Hall, for a fancied spasmodic action of the muscles of the neck, which he esteems to be the cause of many morbid phenomena, by inducing compression of the veins of the neck and an impeded return of blood from' the trachea,' and pqywoui,' to break forth.' Haemorrhage from the review trachea. The course of the affection in a single spot covers usually five or six days, but it may often spread over twice that time when different parts of the body are successively invaded.

' Fii ordinary cases of intermittent fever, such as I have met with in this ci)idemic, which has invaded regions heretofore considered proof against have equaled if not exceeded that of the reporters already quoted. Some regard them as independent cells; others as degenerating cylindrical cells. The modifications of the voice noticed in pleurisy bear the same relation to this line that they do to the more horizontal one.