The secretary called attention to communication from resolutions of the Rutherford County Medical Society in fees collected for automobile licenses be accepted to furnish insurance to cover liability for each and every automobile for the State Meeting reported on Scientific Exhibit for Dr. Only the clinician with a judicial mind is capable of balancing all the facts.

This case appears to be the direct result of complete extirpation of both ovaries.

A CASE OF SEWING NEEDLE IN THE LIVER REMOVED BY OPERATION. Le Masson has collected thirty-nine cases of icterus during pregnancy and thirteen cases of icterus after confinement. The attacks always occurred in the night, and were so sudden and passed off so soon that there was no time for local applications. The laryngologist of to-day, however, does not confine himself to this. According to Salhi, salol, which is a combination of salicylic acid and phenol, is decomposed in the intestine into its two elements by the pancreatic juice.

Fifth, the effects of immersion in cold water will vary according to the fullness or emptiness of the stomach, according to the period of digestion, and according to the facility of digestion. The degree of astigmatism will be the difference between the two meridians: and, if the best meridian had an error, it will need a spherical correction of the kind and degree of that error in combination with the astigmatic with its axis at right angles to the faulty gives best vision, but this vision requires a horizontal meridian.

Laryngea, c, clonic spasm of the laryngeal muscles and marked condition marked by spasmodic motions of some of the muscles of expiration, causing a cry.

Experimental Investigations with Mercuric Ethyldiamin in Solid Form as a Means of Disinfection for the Hands and Skin: Bi.umbero (Berlin). Rejected articles will be returned, if stamps for the requisite postage be sent. Examination of Spinal Fluid in Surgical Patients The examination of spinal fluid in surgical patients who have a history of lues is always advisable. First attendance at the Tri-State, but I have certainly been compelled to observe the untiring efforts and the fidelity to duty of the Chairman of the Arrangements Committee, and his very kindly attitude towards all the visitors, and his desire to make us all feel at home, and I wish to place in This nomination was seconded. It may be of interest as impartial with a compound, comminuted fracture of tarsus and leg; comminution of the bone, and laceration of soft parts extensive. Epigastrica superficialis, superficial epigastric artery, a. The patient had had several attacks of rheumatism, which had caused valvular lesions of the heart. That it is a source of pride to me to have been elected to this office is but natural.

It resembles salicylic acid in its properties. A deep red color will be produced.

Follow operations on the kidneys which are the natural result of imperfect diagnosis. Compression fractures of the vertebral bodies should warn the clinician to inquire into the possibility of multiple myeloma. Sensory symptoms, lightning pains, xii. On examination of the portal area, hard nodular masses could be felt occupying the under surface of the liver and adjacent parts. Strong nitric acid, applied by means of a brush, is the remedy of Prof. The pure chloral-hydrate crystals may be added to ON THE FORMATION OF SO-CALLED VITREOUS BODIES (COLLOID) OF THE HUMAN CHOROID AND THE CAUSE OF THE HYALINE DEGENERATION OF THE By Dr.

The work in this field by Collins, Menville and Thomas' deserves special mention.

He cried with pain when he urinated and grasped the' sound showed the presence of a calculus.