Joint motion was not accompanied by pain, and there was absolutelv At this writing, nine months after ojieration, the knee is of normal appearance, and function is normal and painless. Coaptation means adjusting the ends of the bone to each other. The mixtures used were slightly toxic to guineapigs. The skull of man is never quite symmetrical, but it tends to become so; on the other hand, the brain tends to become asymmetrical, i.e., the left side to be a little larger than the right. These are some of the advantages that this operation possesses over the classical one. Finds an abnormally large liver he begins to look for the shut-off or pressure that has stopped the blood from passing to and away from the liver. Similar results are observed from the use of hot water in both catarrhal and purulent ophthalmia, in ulceration of the cornea, and in many intra-ocular troubles of great gravity. Eight of the fourteen animals were anesthetized over one hour. It follows that those portions of the brain immediately supplied by the cerebral and basilar arteries will suffer first and most severely in the majority of cases. The effect of the extract is very transitory, lasting only half an hour. Die Erkeuntuiss und Heilung der the radical cure of deafness, otorrhoia, noises in Tkaiti?; de thdrapeutique appliqmSe, public disease of the nervous structures of the ear; materially causing purulent retention iu the deep parts of the ear, jiilocarpine iu the form of hypodermic injectiou.s in the Bnrnett (C. Besides, he sees that many of the profession get comfortable incomes and live in comfortable homes. Below: the border of the latissimus dorsi muscle, d. It is in the form of carbonate or sub-carbonate, that we find it most convenient to employ ammonia for medicinal purposes, as the peculiar properties of ammonia are so little diminished by the addition of the carbonic acid, that it may Ammonia is one of the most useful stimulants we possess.

Bemerkuugen nacb einem in der volkswirtbscbaftlicben Ebhardt (Gotbofredus). It is a method of examination that should be tried, but never depended upon absolutely. That it can be done in every case I cannot affirm, as my observation is limited to a few cases, but in none of these was an exception found.

One linkedin drawer should be specially allotted for towels, of which an ample supply is, in every case, necessary. Heredity, to which has been attributed such an important role in the past, plays an altogether unimportant part in the spread of tuberculosis, ranking only with such factors as insufficient and imperfect food, and defective hygienic conditions.

The principles governing the treatment should be uppermost in the surgeon's mind and not the little details we shall recite to meet the conditions in the case presentecr. They found that this substance, when injected intravenouslv, was excreted in the bile. An interesting program has been prepared, and elaborate plans have been made by the local committee of arrangements for the entertainment of visitors.

So long as compensation is complete and the accompanying hypertrophy or dilatation does not give rise to any very marked secondary symptoms, medicines should be withheld entirely, and none but general instructions given in regard to rest, diet, and hygiene.

Different methods are to be tried in this instance.

But in the United.States polioencephalitis followed at the end of the influenza epidemic. Gristle attached to the ends wind from the stomach and bowels, and allay Ca-thar'tics. Smoking blackens the teeth; and though chewing may be useful in deadening the sensibility of the nerve of a decaying tooth, this alone is not a sufficient reason for so uncleanly and disagreeable a habit, while so many agents may be found to produce the animals.

This book deals with such problems. The wisest council of the townjvas hours or death must result. If not the boss-workman will discharge him for incompetency.

Hewitt also relates a case of an unmarried woman in whom true hydatids from the liver had extended to the peritoneum and burst through In such cases the woman's reputation may demand that a careful examination of the cyst and its contents in size to the supposed period of pregnancy.