Bel was induced at this perioil tu ascertain the effect of inoculation of the vi rus of the Glanders into the bodies of sound animals as well as the production of the disease by contact.

He and pupillary reflexes normal. Attempts to crush the stone by pressure from without should never be made. As is mentioned in the pathological remarks, at times there is rapid spinal cord involvement with little deformity.

The drug disappears from an inhaler which allows free access of air almost as fast as it can be poured in. That there are occasionally some capital horses i)rought over from that country there can be no doubt. Examination of the dorsum rcvc.iled no appreciable deviation of the vcrlebral axi.s. In the earlier stages of tubal obstruction, when the tissues are swollen by the air douche is now largely accomplished by the use of the Eustachian catheter, accompanied by the diagnostic tube, for the purpose of determining exactly what is being done, rather than by the use of the more inaccurate Politzer bag and dependence on the statement of the patient as to whether or not the tympanum has been inflated. The results were closely observed, and in the end the late R. And thus is that matter deciphered by various and innumerable namei, infomuch that it is impofTible but that he who is ignorant, and not well verfed in thefe alYairs fliould be hurried into various doubts and perplexities, being clearly ignorant whether or no the Philofophers mean the common Vitriol, or a Vitriol extraded out of the fixed Metals, efpecially feeing they too and agen affirm, that their Vi triol Mercury and Saturn are not thofb vulgar Metals of Gold, Quicklilver, and Lead. We hope to see this remedied within a few years. Not gencrallv recognized by the profession at large. The illustrations of cases before and after treatment, would appear to be The difficult Hubject of the nature, use, and equivalents of Vaccine and Serum Therapy, including also a Study of Infections, has been a large increase in the knowledge of vaccine and serum therapy. If we give moll final! filings ot Iron or Copper to little Infants in a due weight, ihefc now may be eafily adminiftred unto them, as con raining no ungratefull tall. (her husband says) and went to bed feeling as usual. Had had for a whole week previous to the onset of tlie paralysis a febrile condition associated with severe headache. Or, To be given to a full grown beast in a quart of warm ale, and to be repeated every tWrd day, for three times, and afterwards the day before the moon is in the full, for three The most effectual method of cure is instantly to cut out the part bitten, and afterwards to cauterize it with a hot iron. When througli arsenic or corrosive sublimate, the effects are incessant vomiting, nmiuenchable thirst, agitation and pain.

If the child survives the stage of collapse and reaction sets in there is danger of a relapse or that a chronic diarrhoea will develop.

This may be done very gradually, and yet completely, by stopping before it is empty, injecting warm boric-acid solution, and again partially emptying, repeating the process until the urine comes away clear.

From the history of recurring attacks of ascites, in Case IX. There are no sadder cases in medicine than the innocently acquired chancre, which appears not infrequently in those who have lived the most exemplary of lives. In Bright's disease, the author believes the remedy to be of service if persisted in. Tl'e Procefs of Concentrating Corn is this' IN the firft place, you are to make a Male of your Barly, Wheat, Oats, Spelt, or any other kind of Grain or Coin, the which dry either in the Sun or in the Air, or clfe in an Oven heated a little, and not to be fcorched and parched as it were after the Brewers cuftom; for fo the (harp fume of the wood would ftick thereunto, and make it black and bitter, and it may eafily be conjcifluredithat there vvould be no good come of it, for by this means the fmoak of the wood would ftick on to the Corn and the Sprouts it has thruft: forth, and are moiftcned,and fo would make the Ale that is boil'd thereoutof unwholfome, and of an un? grateful bitter favour: But now fuch Malt as is dried in the Air, Sun, or in a warm Stove or Oven, has no fuch ungrateful tafte as comes from the fmoak of the wood, but remains fwect and pleafant. THE SPRINGER AND COCK SPANIEL.

In Lawrie's opinion the experiments of the Hyderabad Commission explain precisely and clearly the reason why the administration of chloroform on Syme's principle is free from risk. A pair of heavy, straight scissors, one dozen artery clamps, a needle holder, one dozen long, straight, sharp pointed, Keith needles, and one dozen sharp silkworm gut to close the abdominal wound.