Runs an exceedingly tedious course. The youth goes home when no other place is open; he goes to bed when there is absolutely nothing else As men grow older the burdens of life grow heavier, the hours that can be devoted to amusement grow fewer; and that whole chain of occupations whose ultimate object, whether comprehended by the individual or not, is the reproduction of the species, become less pressing; and as the physical and mental powers are taxed to the utmost in the struggle for existence, the need for the recuperation that is supplied only by Consequently men go to bed much earlier than, they did at a younger age and the modicum of sleep is secured by an earlier hour in the morning than before.

The immediate site of the barracks is about forty feet above the river at its ordinary stage of water. In the department of literature, the old year has been prolific of book-shelves. States that he always obtained better and more certain results from very early X-ray treatment in cancer of the breast following on early operation.

Gage, (which claims that the appendix is the entering point of devils), and in allied cults. In their case the explanation probably is that a comparatively large quantity of limpid urine is less irritating to the l;)ladder than a smaller quantity of concentrated urine would be. In the early history of this country, when the hogs all bedded in the woods and made good beds of leaves with little or no dust, we had no such disease as cholera. The marked operculation over the gyrus intercuneatus has The fossa parieto-occipitalis conforms in general to the description of Elliot Smith. I might also say that to wish women dead because they are using tactics in their fight for woman's rights which displease us, is not quite chivalrous. These were proved to be the calcified ends of the small bronchioles. Two cases of neurotic disease, seated presumably in the ganglia of the sympathetic, are then recorded. Wards the part injured became affected with erysipelas, which extended to the ancle, and left an (Edematous swelling near Grossard.

The former stated the doctrine of the unclean touch; that septic mischief was introduced from without, and that antiseptics were necessary to counteract it (he used chlorinated soda for this), but the surgeons of that time and afterwards brushed all this aside with the remark that this was merely the cleanliness which they practised. E, the artery, pertet rating the cutis vera, arises from the same circle. Six of them The trochlear root leaves the brain between what Franz has called the Mormyro-cerebellum and the Ichthyo-cerebellum, i.e., between the valvula cerebelli and the corpus cerebelli. Woods believes that"sulphur baths act by producing an excitant effect throughout the ultimate organic structure, substituting a new and self-limiting action for that previously existing; perhaps, as in the case of mercury and iodine, changing the very structure itself by stimulating the disintegrating process and causing a healthier nutritive deposition in the place of the diseased tissue removed. We have no remedy for this disease. We all appreciate the value of resourcefulness such as more to be commended than any skill in extemporizing makeshifts. Having dipped a silver probe of the smallest size into strong nitric acid, it was passed through the fistulous track on the under surface of the penis, completely cauterizing its surface and the everted edges. A bare account of liis researches woukl have constituted a wortliy subject for this lecture, but tliat is the last theme Sir John Struthers would have liked me to adopt.

The skin lining the thick, and contains all the glandular and other complex At the inner part of this section of the canal are found the glanduke ceruminosce, which secrete the cerumen or earwax. A Treatise on the Habits of Opium and its Compounds; Alcohol; Chloral Hydrate; Chloroform, Bromide of Potassium; and Cannabis Indicus. The workers on the eetiology of the disease are so numerous that this part of the history is best treated in the section on the causation. Sie bestand hauptsachlich aus Arginin, Die dritte Fraktion bestand aus dem Filtrate von Fraktion II Ich Mill audi bemerken, daB man aus der Gesaratfraktion noch einige Gramm Leucin gewinnen konnte. Unfortunately the animals did not survive the operation a sufficient length of time to allow observations upon the urine and he was compelled to content himself with demonstrating that products of they obtained a diminished formation of urea and increase in ammonia.

When the certain, uniform, unvarying active principles are applied, however, they will soon gather courage to intervene actively and powerfully in the beginnings of disease, and that physician who learns to utilize these will be found a firm believer in his own power of jugulating acute maladies. It may follow labor or abortion, or it may be due to gonorrheal infection.

Given an eaual number of the morbid conditions that cause hemorrhage, and phthisis is the one most likely to do it.