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Fearing the practice of medicine was a field of service rather than a source of livelihood. A great deal has, however, yet to be learnt about them, and it behoves everyone working at this subject to do so in a scientific spirit, making absolutely sure of the exact nature of the cases dealt with, so that the results obtained may have a real value. Reynolds would give you his recollections of Sir Astley Cooper and Mr.

The liver usually participates in the process only secondarily; perhaps the enterogenic toxins are produced in such amounts that the liver is incapable of neutralizing them and they pass over into the circulation, or they are so virulent that they impair the functional activity of or set up congestive and other alterations in the liver. The urine declines in amount as the case progresses. He came to the president's conference with the chairmen of sections, and his ideas were valuable and were appreciated. Opie had made out clearly two forms of chronic inflammation of the pancreas, an interlobular and an interacinar form, and the latter form was the one associated with diabetes. After repeated attacks (not until after the third or fourth) the patient becomes melancholic; he suffers from years the skin shrivels and the muscles atrophy j the knee-jerk is then lost. The air in the domicils and street under such conditions of impurity was necessarily foul in the extreme, and stifling during the hot days and nights of July and August; and it was evidently the important factor in producing the numerous and severe diarrhoeal cases which were In another locality, occupied by tripe-dealers and a low class of butchers who carried on fat- and bone-boiling at night, the air was so foul after dark that the peculiar impurity which tainted it could be distinctly noticed in tlie mouth for a considerable time after a night visit.

According to at an open ulceration in the intestine was the true cause. If there is much body-heat (thermic fever), cold sponging, the application of cold to the head, or the giving of pounded ice to satisfy the intense thirst, are all advisable. The second stage is a period of excitement, and little more can be done in this, than to guard the patient against the possibility of hurting himself or others. Fles found well-preserved muscle fibers linkedin in the faeces of the patient previously mentioned, and administration of an extract made from the pancreas of a calf caused their disappearance.

The author had had a case of a very much run-down woman in whom the abdominal walls were thin and poorly nourished, so that on vaginal examination it was possible to make out that the ovary on the left side was large and sclerotic. And the former is not relished by many persons The supply of goats' milk is very small, and this is so rich in fats as to cause indigestion in infants in this climate. He is regarded as one of the greatest of the Arabian physicians of the Middle Ages and is credited with the first description of measles and smallpox. Craig, in closing, said that he believed it best to remove the diseased tissue with a knife, and not with scissors, which left behind some of the diseased tissue. Careful search should be made for cellular structures.

Exceptionally, a diffuse groiith of fibrous tissue may invade the greater part of the peritoneum, particularly the visceral layer, and cause a thickening similar to that existing in the stomach. The condition, unrecognized and untreated, was preeminently fatal, it being probably the gravest of all possible complications. The last movement of Brahms' German Requiem was based upon a verse from Revelations which the Pastor also used as the text at Brahms' funeral and Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord for henceforth they may rest from their labors and I feel certain that the traditions of our College of Physicians encompass this THE closing years of the fifteenth century found Hieronymus Brunschwig second book: Liber de arte distillandi de simplicibus. At the end of his internship his greatest field of inquiry was obstetrics and gynecology. From an acute lobar pneumonia the exaggerated bronchovesicular murmur usually involving both lungs, in one.

The tincture of aloes, in the dose of from half a fluidounce to two fluidounces, once or twice repeated, the writer has found to fully obstinate ojises injections of olive oil, and enemata of a solution of castile soap introduced by means of an elastic tube, so as to wash out the entije length of the large intestine, may be employed. INFLUENCE OF SOME OF THE DISEASES OF One of the most elegant exercises of modern times is that of Sir George Baker, on the influence of some of the passions of the mind on the body, and on the diseases to which they give rise. In some cases the symptoms are not obtrusive, and the enlarged and tender gall-bladder must be sought, but even these cases present no diagnostic difficulties. As to its frequency, it is being more and more recognized as it is being more carefully investigated; thus, Meinert finds displacement of the stomach in who has noted many cases, finds it six times more common in women In the downward dislocation of the stomach we have two main forms: First, the whole stomach may be dislocated downward, and second, the stomach may occupy a more vertical position, although, strictly speaking, the former is rare, due to the firm fixation of the cardiac end. The translation of the fourth verse of"Gaudeamus Igitur" is as Raise we, then, the joyous shout: Raise we, then, the joyous shout: Life to all our comrades dear, Brahms liked to refer to the Academic Fesitival Overture as his"laughing" or"happy" overture. Some cases do better under the use of warm water or warm sedative and astringent lotions. Davis functioned as Chief of the Psychiatric Consultation Service at Philadelphia General Hospital and as President of the He served as Chairman of The Technical Review and Program Design while on the Executive Committee of the Governor's White House Conference on Aging. In children difficulty of diagnosis may arise as between Dysentery is diffei-entiated from that lighter form of intestinal catarrh whose main symptom is diarrhoea by the presence of tenesmus in dysentery, as well as by its muoous, muoo-purulent, diphtheritic, and bloody discharges.