De la EPITOME OF CUREENT MEDICAL LITERATTTRE. For to do so, without jarring against the conduct of that first mover by eccentrical and irregular motions, obligeth one to yield a very dutiful obedience to the determinations of it, without arrogating to one's self a controling ability in liking or misliking the faith, doctrine, and constitutions, of that church which one looketh upon as their northstar: whereas, if I mistake not, this author approveth the church of England, not absolutely, but comparatively with My next reflection is, concerning what he hath sprinkled most wittily) in several places, concerning the nature and im mortality of a human soul, and the condition and state it is in, after the dissolution of the body. There are a hundle of curiosities, not only in philosophy, but in divinity, proposed and discussed by men of most supposed abilities, which indeed are not worthy our vacant hours, much less our serious studies. Tiie patient was kept alive by this treatment, but gradually became worse, losing flesh and night, on small quantities of milk, broth, and scraped meat, and on much early in the following year he lost ground again. I realize fully that there are certain limitations: that the growth may by its size and infiltrating character be inoperable and that some tumors are so situated as to be inaccessible or as to render localization impossible. The depot brigade Tent floors, Sibley stoves, and electric lights were supplied to the tents occupied by the base hospital men. Among the works of similar character no single volume has perhaps been accorded a more popular approval than has this volume, and the latest edition represents the present knowledge of the subject in It is to be hoped, however, that the irregularity found in the volume received by us does not exist in any large number of volumes put upon the market. And timorous beliefs will never dare to try it. The same From the Tennessee Department of Mental Health Dr (review).

Empden fir their kind hospitalify at Prsntivood, and to Arrangements had been made for a special meeting to be the Branch was held, to celebrate its jubilee; and Dr. Then, indeed, we will hear less of exclusive systems of practice, isecret and patented medicines and other forms mode of life that will tend to prevent the development of disease. The microscopical appearances were in several lespects remarkable. Bistowish, a past-president of codes the organization and a member of the advisory committee to the DHEW for the past two years, was honored for his contributions in the health field, for his involvement in national health projects, and for several healthrelated programs he has administered. Barton of Philadelphia, so often resulting in non-operative treatment, leads to fracture on the opposite side, and has a medicolegal significance. The development of these tubo-ovarian adhesions is never ushered in by severe symptoms. It is not necessary to call upon the physical signs of"Paresis" to clear up the point, still the differentiation is at times quite difficult. A statute compelling counsel to stipulate to take a physician's testimony before a Commissioner would solve a very difficult problem.

In the first, a lad of fourteen years, who had always been in delicate health, there was a history of four weeks of symptoms that were distinctly typhoidal in character and later a positive Widal reaction was obtained. A vague history of a strain or contusion of the left side of the trunk a week or more before this illness began. Then there were questions about antitrust violations and restraint of trade laws. In other respects, the following of the suggestions already made in regard to general hygienic living will go far towards the prevention of the anemia. T.n this case also, then, the obvious indication was not only to prevent such multiplication of" extraneous" organisms subsequent to storage in the usual manner, but, if possible, to remove them altogether without injury to the actual contagium of vaccinia. A great deal of its contents is devoted to the divisions of clinical laboratory knowledge; chemistry, urinalysis, hematology and microbiology, providing background pathophysiologic information followed by technical information and technical procedures. This patient has a urethral stricture, which was probably the cause of this last mentioned affliction. Differ from the Mesmerian theses we have just laid down, inasmuch as that he considers it useless to know whether the action of thought on the vital principle of bodies." He wishes us reddit to believe the following- proposition. Burket: I should suspect that he had aortitis and aortic Dr. Hyde, in his report upon the distribution of leprosy in North America estimated that Dr. The majority of cases of lobar can be differentiated clinically from lobular pneumonia, but not all. Samaritans could confine their belief to the Pentateuch, or their defection from the New: and truly it is beyond wonder, how that contemptible and degenerate issue of Jacob, once so devoted to ethnick superstition, and so easily seduced to the idolatry of their neighbours, should now, in such an obstinate and peremptory belief, adhere unto their own doctrine, expect impossibilities, and, in the face and eye of the church, putes, will find they far surpass the num- horologia in publico haberent, nondum Germany, there are two which are not which, next to the other two, had been he means, are printing and gunpowder, named this; and this being the next con which are commonly taken to be German siderable, we have no cause to doubt but long before it was in Germany, if we ther the invention of either clocks or the may believe Juan Gonzales Mendoza, in compass is of German origin. The differences he was getting together were concerned with the phenomenon of light and whether it consisted of particles "coupon" of waves. This is so true fake that the powers necessary to the maintenance of the vital functions may be suddenly and instantly destroyed by severe affections of the mind, and by blows on the pit of the stomach. Of the selected remedy, dissolve a powder in hot water and take a sip every few minutes until relieved. Perhaps some might take that attitude, but in many cases the certificates are printed the same colour and exactly the same as those given out by the RegistrarGeneral, with the exception that the words are left out.

The brain, from the delicacy of its texture, would be the first to suffer from this cause; and from its importance in the animal system, its injuries would be most severely felt: location.

Hale White's cases, namely, that there is little evidence of benefit from its use. He finds that no stimulating efiect is produced by them upon the organs of feeling or motion, even when the currents are of considerable magnitude; zones of diminished excitability and analgesia are established round the electrodes; considerable vasodilator effects are also produced.