The tumor of the neck was so situated as to make division of the left nerve necessary. The following year, Fiocca described a pathogenic bacterium resembling that of rabbit septicemia in the saliva of healthy cats and dogs. Lastly, the pulmonary lesion may appear to be pneumonic, or to be fibroid, not a single tubercle being discoverable, even in a state of caseation; yet in some distant part of the body there may be tubercular lesions of the most characteristic description.

It came to an That is a fair sample of the way our crippled ancestors fared. You will be called upon to instruct judges, and lawyers, and courts of law, in relation to many important questions connected with hygiene, and medicine, and surgery, fractures and dislocations, and poisons; and your opinions will, if well sustained by facts and reason, be decisive, in turning the scale, and sh;iping the verdict of the jury. Some are inaccurate and others misleading.

Not uncommonly the inflammation extends to the laryngeal muscles, which may be full of suppurating points.

Valentine Mott delivered a eulogy on him before the Academy of Medicine, and if we are to accept what was there spoken, the man's having lived and worked among us shed a lustre on practice and deserve recording. Toluidin blue is also a good stain.

Phillip,"the excitability of the spinal marrow bears the same relation to the brain which that of the muscles bears to the spinal marrow and its nerves; and I would add all nerves distributed to muscles, some of which arise from the brain, but seem to bear precisely the same relation to the sensorium with those which arise from the removal of the brain.

The medicines last prescribed have been regularly continued, but the pulse is not perceptibly under the influence of the digitalis. If the disease runs a protracted course, the patient becomes emaciated and the hair loses its lustre, the body exhalations have a very fetid odor, the eyes are sunken, the mucous membranes become pale and the patient grows weaker, staggers when walking or lies in a In abortive cases recovery may take place in eight or ten days, although the disease usually lasts three or four weeks. The other condition interferes with the nutrition of the affected tissues, and causes congestion, inflammation, and at last gangrene. Lawrence is unquestionably acquainted with every truth in his profession, more extensively read than most of us. It is used in France to immunize against sheep pox The fact that susceptible cattle can be immunized against Texas fever by the use of blood from immunized animals has been demonstrated. Drucker, dean for the past "" five years. And, moreover, the special ganglia devoted to these organs are mutually connected, by means of communicating branches, both with the other splanchnic ganglia and with the cerebrospinal axis.

After this the patient rapidly recuperated, but the pain in the left side persisted, though less severe. The constipation yields to calomel. One taken at bed-time for an adult person for one, two, or three nights; or the half of one reduced to powder, and mixed with a little -jelly for a child, will increase the secretion of bile, and tend thereby to purify the blood, open the bowels, and excite all tha functions; and in thus acting will, with suitable abstinence, materially prevent the accession of cholera or any disease; and further, should' it fail in so doing, it will, nevertheless, prepare effectually the way for such other treatment as the case may be found more essentially to nature for our guide, (and, in so doing, I can say, as tl:e fruit of more than thirty years' observation and professional experience, we can never err), the indications of treatment are obviously to excite the secretive function of the liver, and to remove the congestive accumulation of blood from the vessels of the stomach and bowels. Recently Karsch's genus Margaropus has been proposed as the correct name instead of Boophilus. Native of New Granada, is mentioned by Bonpland and Humboldt as an excellent diuretic. This may be of great benefit due to the potentially greater severity of illness encountered; nonetheless, it does not accurately reflect the health care needs of the community.

They stain with the ordinary aniline dyes, but not by the foetus there were a few, and in the intestinal contents there were many staining granules; but it was not possible to say with certainty whether these were bacteria or not." Bang states that the discovery of this particular organism indicates that epizootic abortion ought to be regarded as a specific uterine catarrh, determined by a definite species of bacteria. This, in the disease now under consideration, is dragged out to the farthest possible extent. - leonard Weyl, MD, President wm In two medical malpractice cases appealed to the down firmly in support of the medical profession. Had the result with different animals been the same as with those, it would have added strength to his conclusions against the chemical theory of animal heat. In severe cases there is often complete orthopnosa, the patient having to be propped up with pillows all night. The upper lobe and the upper part of the lower lobe were hollowed out into a number of cavities; the rest of the lower lobe was consolidated by a pinkish-grey infiltration, scattered in which were many yellow tubercles and caseating patches with sinuous edges. If death does not occur within a very short time, symptoms already described for this form of the disease may be recognized.

They preserve balance and make connections. In this journal, we have never failed to advocate the claims of men whom we have considered to be unjustly treated; and in dealing with whom, a mean advantage has been taken of the overstocked state of the profession to enforce medical attendance upon terms which are in no instance a source of profit, and, in the majority of cases, a serious loss to those who undertake the office.

The process remained dry and the surrounding tissue became dusk)', while the appearances of hyperemia continued above these parts whenever the leg was held down.