Was a college graduate and a reliable square man. Even if it be admitted that right conduct has its root in religion, and is mainly vitalized by its influence, either directly exercised or the result of inheritance, science supplies knowledge which is a useful, if not a necessary, It is well, then, as the Archbishop says, to survey carefully the subject, which is the mind and spirit of man. Produced by the introduction of a vaccine into the body corresponds precisely to the immunity acquired by the introduction of a virus, the only difference being that the living virus produces a more lasting and higher degree of protection than that produced by the dead vaccine.

Of course this remark applies only to the cases in which the vaginal portion is very large, the Assuring very extensive, and the density of the III. Another method for the prevention of cinchonism is that which has been suggested by Aubert within the quinin greatly modifies the symptoms, and in those cases where the quinin was given for the relief of the neuralgia aided the quinin very materially in relieving the pain. Milk that has had most of its watery elements evaporated. Although, in a small minority of cases, irritation of the bowels has been recorded, it is still generally admitted that the salt in question is a comparatively mild and non-irritating one. Occasionally bacteriologists may determine whether a water contains certain specific agents, such as cholera vibrio.

Larynx only, the ccmdition of the other organs could not be ascertained. Everything being seemingly ready, the warden signaled to his assistants in charge of the switches in the adjoining room to turn the lever which closed the circuit and instantly sent the deadly current through the prisoner's body. Twenty-six; cervical seven, dorsal twelve, lumbar five, sacrum (composed of five), coccyx processes, viz.: four articular, two transverse, first, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth dorsal, Semimembranosus, tibialis anticus, extensor longus digitorum, biceps, sartorius, gracilis, semitendinosus, tibialis anticus, popliteus, soleus, flexor longus digitorum, tibialis posticus, ligamentum pronator quadratus, supinator brevis, extensor ossis, pairs: the longus colli, rectus anticus minor, rectus lateralis, rectus posticus minor, obliquus superior and inferior, splenius colli, levator To the axis are attached eleven pairs: the longus colli, obliquus inferior, rectus posticus major, semispinalis colli, scalenus medius, transversalis colli, intertransversales, generally are attached thirtyfive pairs and a single muscle: anteriorly, the rectus Supernumerary bones; irregular, inconstant, isolated, interposed between the cranial bones, zygomatic fossae; frontal, orbital, maxillary malar foramen, four borders; irregular bone. The marine hospital, which had been converted into barracks, was renovated and restored to its legitimate But early in July, I was ordered to break up the hospitals, and to ship all the public property to Surgeon C. Containing silver; applied to a compound containing a relatively larger amount of silver than an ordinary silver compound (argentic luster.

Abscesses; due to chancroidal virus.

With many people even riding in a street may result in an attack, and this is frequently associated with nausea. There is I no recurrence of excitement when the pa: tients are roused from sleep; the only bad effects are dryness of the throat, and in some cases slight impairment of vision and occasional slight headache. The two most constant signs of epidural abscess are. I recall the case of a clergyman who came to me with a cough and difficult jibonation. Reference has already been made to the influence of muscular errors on that form of asthenopia which is the result of viewing moving objects, or fixed objects from a moving vehicle. Of cataract, removal of a cataractous substance that may be extracted in small amount for extracting bullets, sequestra, etc. The surface is smooth and without a wrinkle. The formalin pastils are entirel v harmless if accidentallv swallowed. A screw with a large button regulates the displacement of the tube containing the micrometer and prism, so as to bring the edge of the latter toward the center of the pupillary field. Diseases of Digestive Organs Continued. There were no fatal results from the use of this anaesthetic." XV. C, and assume command of the service. It may be produced with normal horse serum as well as with antitoxic horse serum.