The motive ideal in both cases being to take children who are physically handicapped, and by a special degree of specialized training, combined with the general training of the normal child, to produce a citizen capable of competition with normal people on an equal footing. Robert Abrahams' observed that in apical tuberculosis, auscultation at the acromion process increases and amplifies all the auscultatory signs which are ordinarily obtained over the apices. Prima? via, which aggravate the laryngeal symptoms, a grain of calomel every four hours, or one full dose for the purpose of emptying the bowels and controlling the fever, will be found necessary.

Ellis reports another case, the Griffith relates a case of peritoneal adhesion of the gravid uterus as a cause of post-partum Mr. When this new while we, the others of the line, strewn all over the country, shall back them up with a will, cheer them up, and pray that the next SPECIAL PATHOLOGY AXD THERAPEUTICS OF THE DISEASES OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS. What are the indications for treatment in cases in which valvular lesions are present, but have not led to enlargement of the heart, or at most only very slightly, and that in the way of hypertrophy? There are no special indlca.

" Why is it that the M.D.'s of the Canadian Militia cannot rise to the rank of Surgeon-Major? There is a manifest injustice in preventing a medical man from attaining the rank which is open to any other man in the service. Gradually symptoms of buccal, pharyngeal and to some extent lingual paralysis became manifested; she was killed when almost in extremis after having given birth to a healthy calf, and after having eaten and drunk practically nothing for the previous five days, thirteen days after the first symptoms of illness appeared, and twenty-six days after the feeding or poisonous fodder was eaten by this animal. Epsom salts were administered in half-pound doses per orum and per rectum as well and would apparently notice things more than previous to drawing the gas. It is also of the utmost practical importance that the nature of the vaccine disease should be investigated, in order that danger of the spread of diphtheria through the use of milk thus contaminated may be guarded against.

Acetum Opii (D.), ten to thirty minims. Owing to the greater spinal curvatures thereby produced the articulations of the ribs are altered and the shape of the chest is changed. Tn the work of Rosenthal, which he carried out with Saito, ex'"Ccntralhldtt fiir Bnhleriologic, Tstc Ahthcilung. A much higher temperature has been generally supposed to be necessary lor the purpose. Of the nervous manifestations there were tremors of the hands, diminution of the electrical resistance of the skin, tendency to cry and to laugh, hasty speech and marked acceleration of all voluntan,' movements.

During the first part of this year, while working on an epizootic among guinea-pigs, rabbits and monkeys, I was able not only to isolate the same microorganism from the animals, but showed that the infection in guinea-pigs was probably general throughout the United States and was perhaps an important the organism was changed from Bacillus bronchicanis to Bacillus hronchisepticus, as it was, beyond a doubt, the cause of an infectious disease among many animals. The name of the author is an ample guarantee, not only that the work has been well done, but that the book is one which deserves to receive the The author of these lectures is among the best known of the advanced scientific physicians of Prance. The time required for the operation was twenty minutes. States that he will ask the coming legislature to make an appropriation for a hospital. Lawrence about mul tiple operations. Some months ago some of known him. The subject of your past studies is one noblest of God's creation. He showed that to Sir and, although the cases were so few, the scientific study of the results was so careful and complete as to leave but little doubt of the value of the method. Recently bismuth has been recommended, and used by a number of erfahrungen patient under treatment for syphilis. Dose, five to ten ifitheris Sulphurici, Jxv. By a finely measured sympathy and a wise combination of affection with firmness, you gain the full confidence of one of these unfortunates, and become to her a rock of defence, to which she clings, and without which she feels again adrift. In the first category of prostitutes we included only those women who"picked up" the men on the streets, or in saloons, dance halls, theatres, and the like, and took them to their rooms or to places of assignation. Repeated blood cultures if positive are very strong evidence, but if negative do not disprove it.

THOSE of us from other cities who bring congratulations this evening can hardly escape the tinglings of envy when we see this noble treasure house; but in my own case the bitter waters of jealousy which rise in my soul are at once diverted by two strong sensations.

He had alternate attacks of depression and excitement, each lasting a week. The more severe cases of bromism can be treated only by stopping the drug, but mild degrees of acne may be prevented by scrupulous cleanliness of the skin. It has been used and is still in use by a number of enthusiastic workers in the treatment of chancroid.

Baer and Herman have shown that during sex life, women are more subject to loss of time from illness than men.